Study English at EC Boston: One Student’s Experience

cooking with nicPlease enjoy the following article written by former student, Nic Braun from Germany.  Nic studied at EC Boston for 6 months in 2011, and was known to many of us as the “Gentle Giant,” because he was probably the tallest student ever to attend EC Boston, at almost 7 feet!  Nic has been very kind to stay in touch with his EC Boston teachers and the Administrative Staff in monthly email updates.  He is now studying at University in Germany, and still uses his English every day.  We miss you, Nic!


“When I was thinking about going in the United States I was skeptic, because some friends from school told me everything is bigger in the US and so are the cities. Looking at cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco I was a little bit intimidated. But after I saw Boston I knew this would be a good place to learn something about a new culture.


Learning English in school at your home country is okay, but you are not forced to use your new learned vocabulary the whole time. I stayed for about 6 month in Boston and I think that I learned more English in this time than I ever did at school.


Every day there is a new event with the teachers or the staff and I promise you will have a lot of fun. You are going to visit a lot of the coolest places in Boston, but maybe even more important you are going to learn a lot about the history of the US. Boston is the most important place to experience the beginning and the end of the foundation of the United States.


All this you are going to do with a lot of other students from all over the world. It is extremely cool to meet people from Korea, Saudi Arabia or Brazil. You are going to find a lot of new friends very fast because almost everyone is in the same situation as you; they are here to learn English with other people. From my own experience I can say that those friendships will make things a lot easier and they will last very long.


If you are ready to learn a new language and culture and to have fun with a lot of new people then I suggest you should go to EC Boston. Trust me, you are going to have the best time of your life.”


Niclas Braun, Germany