EC Boston Students Practice their Article-Writing Skills!

EC Boston’s Intermediate Write Now Elective class with Teacher Yen practiced their writing skills yesterday by writing news articles.  Take a look at a couple examples!

My Experience at EC

By Amro, from Saudi Arabia

“The first day I came here to Boston, I felt like I was lost.  I didn’t know where I should go, but I decided to ask the people how I could get to my host family’s home and they told me what to do.  I have liked being here.  The next day, I decided to go to EC Boston so I could find out where it is and get some information about it.  Actually, I used my mobile’s maps to find the place and when I got there I met Lucy at the front desk and asked her what I should do because my course would start on November 12th (two days later) and she was so helpful and gave me a lot of information about Boston and when I should come to begin my course.  The next day, I came and I took my placement test and went to class.  I met very nice people.  Some of them were from my country, but the thing I liked is meeting people from another country and learning about other cultures.  Finally, I hope everybody finds it a great experience too.”


EC Staff News

By Kendy from Taiwan and Yohei from Japan

“Do you know that an EC staff member named Rebecca is pregnant?  She’s been pregnant for 7 months.  This is her first baby, who is a girl.  Let’s name her ‘Rebecca Jr!’  ‘Rebecca Jr’ is going to come to this world on April 11th at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  ‘My ideal situation is to have 2 babies in the future,’ she told us.  She said that if the second baby is a boy, that will be better, but we’ll never know!  Let’s give blessings to her happily.  Hooray!”

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