A Korean Student shares his experience at EC Boston!

Korean student YeonSeong was kind enough to sit down with me last week and answer some questions about his experience studying abroad in Boston.  He is finishing his English course at EC Boston this Friday, so let’s all wish him good luck!  We’re happy that he had such a nice experience with us!YeonSeong

Here are his interview questions and answers:

EC Boston:  Hello YeonSeong!  At which EC school are you currently studying?

YeonSeong:  I’m studying at EC Boston.  I’ve been studying here for 5 months.

EC Boston:  What type of accomodation are you living in (homestay, student residence, private apartment etc.)?

YeonSeong:  I’m living in a homestay with Patricia and Gary’s family.

EC Boston:  What do you like about your homestay?

YeonSeong:  I like everything!  They usually make me feel comfortable and like it’s my real home.  I like the food, the atmosphere, the family and their family parties.  Even the cleaning!  Everything is the best of the best!

EC Boston:  What kind of transportation do you use most?

YeonSeong:  I usually use the Blue Line T (the subway in Boston) and the local bus in Winthrop

EC Boston:  Do you find it easy to get around the city?

YeonSeong:  Sure, it’s very easy to get around the city.

EC Boston:  What is your favorite bar or nightclub in Boston?

YeonSeong:  My favorite bar is The Top of The Hub in the Prudential Center in Boston!

EC Boston:  What is your favorite restaurant in the city and why?

YeonSeong:  I really like Joe’s American Bar and Grill on Newbury Street.  I love their Babyback Ribs!

EC Boston:  What was your favorite city attraction (museum, building, gallery etc.)?

YeonSeong:  My favorite city attractions are MIT, Harvard University, and the Charles River Park.

EC Boston:  Did you attend a gym or any sports classes during your course?

YeonSeong:  No, I don’t really like any sports.  But I do like Ice Skating (at Boston Common’s Frog Pond, for example).

EC Boston:  What was your favorite student activity organized by EC Boston?

YeonSeong:  My favorite activities were those that included hanging out with friends, such as going to Sam Adams Brewery or going Bowling!

EC Boston:  Thanks a lot, YeonSeong!  I appreciate your information!  I know it’s difficult to choose which school to go to when you’re looking for study abroad courses in the United States… we’re really happy you chose EC Boston!  Good Luck!