EC Boston Introduces New Elective Class: Intro to TOEFL!

Intro to TOEFL is an exciting new elective that is now available to current students at EC Boston starting at the low intermediate level. The course is being taught by the lovely Ms. Katherine Esienback and is designed to break down TOEFL into its 4 components of 1) speaking 2) reading 3) writing 4) listening. In this elective class students will learn how to organize thoughts quickly and efficiently, write an academic style essay, read for knowledge and content and extend their listening skills through exposure to new and varied vocabulary and online lecture series.

Katherine is excited to teach this elective because it is a great opportunity to help students develop academic skills for the classroom and test taking strategies. She plans to use online resources as well as in class materials to expand student’s academic perspectives and capabilities.  By taking this elective at the low intermediate level students are investing in their academic career and can begin to structure their ESL path from the beginning stages by getting a taste of what the full TOEFL course is like.  As an additional resource Katherine keeps a helpful blog on her Intro to TOEFL elective at: This new elective is sure to be helpful and a favorite of EC students!