An EC Boston student recommends the Conversation Partners Program

Haemin, a student from Korea, had a great time with her EC Boston conversation partner and one other international student.  The three of them enjoyed an evening at the MFA in Boston.  You should visit the MFA on a Wednesday evening, because it is always free after 4 pm, every Wednesday.  You should also check in with EC Boston about the conversation partners program!  It’s a great way for longer term students to meet an American friend and practice English!  Here is Haemin’s review:


“It was our first meeting after the kickoff party. We were three, including me, our conversation partner Nomi, and another Korean student Natalie. We met at the Museum of Fine Arts, which is on the green “E” line train, because the entrance fee was free on that day. It was my first time to go see the fine arts museum.  We got there just after 7 in the evening, so we only had about 2 hours to look around.  It was so nice even though I didn’t have any sense of art.  I think it’s a really huge place, so you need plenty of time to see all of that.  Plus, it was surprising that Nomi lived right next to my apartment. Now I’ve already moved to another place, but we used to live in same area.  Nomi is really interested in Korean things (the language, food, culture, etc), and she had been to Korea for 3 months, so it made me feel more close to her.  She is always trying to help improve my English;  for example, last time she gave me advice on how to assimilate into American Culture.  I am also happy to learn about some good places in Boston through Nomi.  The best thing is to have a new American friend.  The conversation partners program is really nice for me so far.”


Haemin Park