My EC Boston experience

In Arabic, we have an old sentence which says, “If you live with new people for 40 days, you’ll be one of them.” This is important if you know the culture and stereotypes . To learn new people’s language, you must live with them.

When you want to learn a new language in your country, it’s not a very good idea because you just learn it at school and when you are not at school, you’ll hear your language and that’s the difference because when you are in the country where all people speak the language you’re looking for to learn, it makes you  better because you must speak the new language to live and connect with this country.

So I came to Boston to learn English where I can hear and speak just the English language. I came to Boston to learn English. I tried before to learn English in Syria and I learned some percentage in 22 years. I think I learned here the same percentage in 3 months. I registered at EC Boston because it is one of the best schools for learning English here in Boston. Here at EC, I can learn not just from my teacher. I can make conversations with my classmates and learn from those who are better than me, and those who know less than me.

I feel better now and I can say that whenever someone asks me if I speak English, I say “Yes, I speak English.” Now, I can connect with all kinds of people here, and after school I can go to see new places and a new world where I can know more about American culture by meeting new people and learn from them.


Written by Ayad Mirza, Pre-Int 1A