Another Boston Recommendation…

Hello EC Boston students! I hope you’re all studying hard, but when you have a break, I have a new recommendation for you! This weekend my friends and I were wandering around the Copley area and came across the Charles River Esplande. It is right along the banks of the Charles River, on the Boston side, right before MIT. Since it was so hot this weekend, we decided to dip our feet in the water. The water felt great on such a hot day. There were people out sunbathing and boating.

Another activity to do on the banks of the Charles is sailing. You are able to get sailing lessons right from the boathouse on the Charles. There’s also pedal-boats, which you pedal like you’re on a bike and you ride smoothly across the water. There’s even a “Little Italy” section where you can take a gondola ride on the Charles. So much to do!charles