Saeed Alhebsi Conversation Partners Program Blog Post

First of all,I want to introduce my partner Shae. He is volunteer to help me to improve my speaking in English. I had really nice time during the weekend and some days during the week with him. However we have been to different places such as, Museum of Fine Art. In Museum of Fine Arts we had been to different exhibitions such as Contemporary Art , Art of Asia , Art of Oceania Art of Africa, Art of Europe, Art of the Americas, Art of the Ancient world and Samurai shows. After that ,we went to the Japanese restaurant in the same area a bout 10 miles north of the Museum. After that my friend took me to the place where he live and workout during his free time. Although I was really tired we decided to walk around Boston . While we were walking around the beautiful city, I decided to take my partner to taste our traditional Arabic coffee in the Downtown area called Templeplace. Finally, I want say thanks a lot to EC Boston to give me this opportunity to practice my English with native speakers. Also to feel more comfortable away from the normal routine in the class . I wish all the best for any one interested in this lovely program to test his English and get used to the language.Saeed Blog Post 1

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