New activity board!

Hello EC Boston students! We have a new activity sign up procedure. It is very exciting for us to try out this new system. It will alleviate some of the crowding of the front desk, and allow students to view the activities that we have all at once. The boards are located across from room 418. There are boards for each weekday and one board for the weekend. You can sign up for events right at the boards, and if you need to pay, there is additional information on where to pay right on the boards.

We really want to know what you think about our new system. There is a reminder at the front desk about where to find activities if you forget. Have a great day!

Photo: Check out our new activity board!!!! We are no longer using the book in the front, the board is across from room 418. You can sign up for activities right on the board for that day. Let us know what you think!