A word from our student ambassador Saeed…

First of all, I would like to share some information about my lovely country is called United Arab Emirates. I do believe the majority of people are well known my country much better than me. Also, I am really so delight to share this information with all of you guys. I was wondering from where I could start my article but suddenly I realized what’s the important things should the tourist know about my country. However, I decided to give a small fact according to some statistics there are 200 nationalities in UAE. So, that means we had amazing and unique things. As sample as, the UAE citizens are treating all the same without any differentiate. Even though we had foreign workers as well as they are working in different job and suitable life of style. As everyone known we had a beautiful places around the country for instance the highest building in the world is called Burj Khalife ,Dubai palm Islands ,ferrari World Abu Dhabi ,biggest shopping mall in the middle east is called the Dubai Mall ,biggest masque in middle east is called Sheikh Zayed Mosque and many amazing places. Generally speaking, I AM REALLY Happy to be part of EC_Boston as student and ambassador .In addition to all that, I am really glad if anyone is interesting to visit my county. I wish all the best for all students in the EC_Boston.Saeed Blog Post 1