Got water?

Melody’s Global Citizenship class was given an assignment to discuss the differences between bottled and tap water. They didn’t just talk about the project among EC students; they went out on the street and gave people a taste test! If you’d like to see a video of the project, just check out EC Boston’s Facebook page or watch the video here.

The main point of this project was that bottled water is bad for the environment because of the wasteful use of plastic to make the bottles. It is not healthier to drink bottled water as it is often of the same quality as tap water, and in some cases bottling and purification eliminates natural minerals that are healthy for your body! The pollution from plastic bottles affects our city streets and makes an impact on the world’s oceans and wildlife, endangering the lives of many sea creatures. The video shows footage of the Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of the Pacific Ocean with much larger concentrations of plastic refuse than normal seawater. For all these reasons, bottled water is not the best!

Another reason to not drink bottled water is that spending more money on water that we can drink for free is not very wise. Instead, why not put that dollar you would spend on a bottle of water into a donation to help provide clean water for those who have none? Over 2.5 billion people struggle to find access to any clean water, and experience dehydration and disease as a result.

Andrea, our finance coordinator, is embarking on a project in the next few months to improve drinking water access around the world. Stay tuned for details on how you can join the movement while studying at a Boston English School!