Letter to my Family in Boston


The time I spent there was no different than my home, it was like home and you were like my mum and dad. You are like my second family in the world, in an another
continent :). The time I spent with you is unforgettable, you showed me how an American families live in United States, you took me to parties, you taught me about the life style, universities, culture, even how much costly the water and electricity bills are. 🙂  You showed me your kindness, you treated me like I am your son. I felt happy and safe everytime I saw you in the kitchen, when I open that backdoor. You taught me how to live healthy, you even helped me  improve how to do my personal responsibilities at home in a better way.

Mrs. Webbe I will never forget your muffins that you put in to that glass thing :))) . I ate most of them when non of the other students are in the kitchen … I admit… :)) I was there living with my own parents in US, You are not my second family actually, you made me feel like you have always been my family since I was born. I will miss you so so so… much! Besides, hopefully visit you again while  I am studying in US, hopefully in Umass… Knowing that there is always gonna  be an open door for me in
Boston from you makes me feel so secure. Thank you for having me, and thank god for letting me have you in my life. God Bless YOU! 🙂

Mehmet Gören