Say Hello to Victoria!

We have a new teacher at EC Boston! Here is a little bit about Victoria:

pic bio

Despite growing up very close to Boston, in Londonderry, NH, I’ve just recently become an official resident of the city after moving back to the States. I went to college in Philadelphia where I studied journalism and Spanish. I discovered that teaching and language learning were very important for me after spending a semester abroad in Chile — so after I finished school and did a year of Americorps service, I received my teaching certificate in TEFL.

I returned to South America to continue learning Spanish, start work in the EFL field, travel, and reconnect with friends and second family I had made down there. I spent the last 3.5 years in Santiago, Chile,  where I was living and working as a academic coordinator of English programs and teaching classes.

Even during my short time with the company,  EC’s diverse student body has made me realize that I love what I do even more. I admire these students for choosing to step out of their comfort zone and learn English in a very unique, life-changing way. The students and staff at EC have helped to make my transition back a lot easier and so I feel very grateful to be able to come back to an opportunity like this.