Woonyong Ko’s Experience at EC Boston English School

Student Woonyong Ko writes a few words about the EC Boston experience:

It’s been almost 3 months since I started English classes in Boston. Before I came to Boston, I felt a little nervous; I think everyone who has no experience to go abroad feels the same way as me. However, my host mother, Niki, made me feel comfortable by letting me inside her home. She always cares about our health when she makes meals for us, which is the biggest reason to want to stay in her house. Furthermore, when I talk with her and other students, she always tries to listen to what we are saying very carefully, even though our speaking skills are far from perfect. So if you prepare for living in homestay but hesitate to decide it, just try! Speaking is formed by making mistakes.

Woonyong Ko with his host family...
Woonyong Ko with his host family…


And lots of students who choose to come to Boston have almost the same reason; the  academic atmosphere in Boston makes me more motivated to study English. That’s true. I guarantee that comparing with other EC schools located in other states, EC Boston has us concentrate to study not just English but other things as well.

Come to Boston! And if you see me, please let me know 🙂

Woonyong Ko