Up at 2 am: Student study culture and ESL schools

Have you ever pulled an ‘all nighter’ (a night where you stay up till the morning doing homework, and then go right back to class)? Many students in American universities are known to use this technique to accomplish large amounts of (varying quality) work in a short time frame. This practice has been shown to be less effective than managing to work on homework for a few hours each day, but as perpetual procrastinators, American students wind up relying on ‘all nighters’ all too often.

Student Studying

Luckily, English classes at EC Boston require only 1-2 hours of homework per day, along with maybe one project. Studying should be a piece of cake! However, many students do struggle to manage their time well and get their homework done on time. Here is a website with studying tips for anyone struggling to get back on track with homework…check out the audio report by NPR on studying tips at the bottom of the page for some listening practice too!