Journey into a Black Hole!

The EC Boston TOEFL class jumped into black holes by reading about astronomy, watching and discussing a short documentary, and writing about an experience inside one of the most mind boggling theories in the universe. Have fun reading their accounts, and visit the Planetarium to learn more about space!

#1: Yesterday, I went to my bed after I saw a documentary about the black hole. I had an awful nightmare, I saw myself in space traveling out of our solar system. I was so happy and excited until I felt a strong power pull me down. I glanced around me then I could not believe my eyes. It was like an enormous horizon storm with many circular paths, which orbited around a dark center: this center looked like a huge magnet for the mass.

Peering through a wormhole...drawing by Renee Hoffman
Peering through a wormhole…drawing by Renee Hoffman

At the same time, I noticed an astronaut was moving in decreasing speeds around the center of the black hole. His body was stretching to form many smudges around the center, then these smudges were collecting once again to form one body. In addition to that, when the astronaut was approaching from the end of the black hole, his image was warped; his shape looked to me as if it was reflected in mirror. Furthermore, his image became darker and darker.

In this moment, I discovered the mechanism that makes the objects look in different shapes inside the black hole. It warps the shape and time for all the molecular particles that approach from it. Even if these molecules are parts of a big star, there is no chance to escape or survive, and their fate will be the disappearance behind the black hole and forever.

#2: For many years people have been fascinated with the idea of traveling around the universe. However, scientists have found that could be not easy. The universe encloses millions of mysteries, some of which might embrace danger. Black holes are old starts that have lost all their energy. They concentrated all their mass in an small volume, distorting the time-space around them and making a lot of “crazy” things happen around them.

 Scientists have theorized about what could occur if some day astronauts reach one of this dead star. From the distance, an observer could think that the person who is reaching the Event Horizon is moving slower and slower until he stops next to this “frontier” to disappear at the end. The astronaut could not escape after reaching this point, no matter what he tries. The astronaut may feel and see unexplainable things. He might see the back of his head, just because of the way how the light moves in this region. In addition, the astronaut could experience extreme pain since the gravitational forces differ in each point of the singularity-the “center” of the hole.

Moreover, because of this force, the astronaut could either be transformed into an spaghetti or ripped apart. However, if the astronaut is able to survive the singularity, he could be instructed with the universe’s future.

#3: A Journey through the Black Hole

A black hole is the object or event where a star collapses, forming a large space of massive gravity. The black hole consists of the event horizon, its surface, and the singularity, the center of the black hole.

If astronauts approaches the black hole they will eventually vanish into it. The observer will see the astronauts slowing down as they float towards the center until they reach a point where they stop, or freeze, and slowly start fading away.

What the astronauts will experience is a very powerful gravitational pull towards the singularity. So much so, the astronaut‘s body will be stretched and ripped apart.

#4: Let’s go on a trip to a black hole!

 A curious astronaut, who wanted to live in the universe, decided to travel to a black hole to identify the possibilities of living in the cosmos, avoiding dangers from the black hole. He prepared all sorts of goods, such as, a watch and a video camera with special devices.

 Finally, he arrived at the universe, and he faced the entrance of the black hole. His heart was beating quickly, he was also a little bit scared, and was excited because of the distortion of space. It looked weird and amazing. He felt as if he was seeing phenomena in a magnetic field. He tried to go close to there, but suddenly he was sucked up slowly. In this moment, he checked how watch because he felt the sucking time was slower than his thought. After that, he got it that there was a time distortion too. At that time he was impressed, but, he didn’t want to die from this. So he tried to fire his engine located on his back, however he was being sucked in faster. The surroundings were pitch black. And, the video camera recorded his body crushed down to a single point, getting close to zero volume. He just got absorbed in the universe, and finally he could stay separated in the universe forever.

#5: Today, we have great technology. We have succeeded in landing on the moon and could land on the Mars and live there soon; however, many scientists are still struggling to unravel completely what black holes are but they are excited though. It is the hardest point for them to unravel black holes because no one can know what would happen if astronauts went to a black hole. On the other hand, a black hole’s structure is very simple: there is a surface, the event horizon and the singularity.

 First of all, if you reached a black hole, you would see everything distorted which is made by the gravitational forces of the black hole. Then when you reached toward the event horizon, you would not almost have no chance to return to the space, however, it is not  impossible to come back to the space if you can move faster than light or a spaceship which has an engine that can travel faster than light.