Jenna’s Advanced English Class Writes about Boston

Students admiring Boston skyscrapers.
Students admiring Boston skyscrapers.

What does Boston mean to you?

Boston is the first city that I visited in The U.S. I have been in Boston for more than a year. When I first think what Boston means to me many wonderful memories come across my mind. While being in Boston I have met many people from different countries and perspectives. Frankly, I became an open-minded person. Thoughts that I had never expected to think about; I became happy to discuss whatever subject is discussed. My essay is going to talk about: what the most whopping memories, which came across my mind when I read the title, are and how I see things differently.

I came from a hot country; I had never seen snow before I arrived Boston. In fact, I was excited to see the snow; unfortunately, I arrived here at the end of March after the winter had finished which means I didn’t have the chance to see it. Finally, I was here when it first started snowing. I had a feeling that I had never had. It was a mixed of happiness and excitement that’s basically what it was. Another wonderful memory that came across my mind is my first night in Boston. I arrived in Boston at night after an 18-hour flight. A friend of mine welcomed me and took to my host family and he stayed with me until I became relax then he left. It is a good thing when you know someone in a country that you have never been in.

Being in Boston has changed me a lot. People, that I have met, have changed me too. Indeed, I started seeing things from different sides and perspectives. Studying abroad made me rethink. I started to recognize how the world goes around me. For instance, before I came to Boston I used to waste my money on everything. Now, I am trying as hard as I can to save money and not to tell my family to help me. If I had not studied abroad, I wouldn’t have thought about. It is a simple example but you can take and measure it on everything.

In a nutshell, there is no word can describe how Boston means to me. Despite its weather, I like every single place in it. Hopefully, I will be able to study in an university here in Boston and stay here as much as possible.


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