EC Boston Student Enjoys Six Flags

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If you are an adventure seeker, you might not want to miss Six Flags, New England. The famous amusement park is located in Agawam, MA and is the largest theme park in Massachusetts.

The focus is on roller coasters and on thrill rides, but they also offer interesting shows and meetings with your favorite Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo character.

One of the highlights of Six Flags, New England, is definitely the Bizarro roller coaster. As the train lifts you up the first hill, dramatic music is played and -if you dare to open your eyes- you can enjoy the lovely view of Connecticut River. As the train accelerates to nearly 80mph and goes on to the first drop, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

But even if you are not that thrill-seeking you will find enough activities to do in Six Flags. There are a number of roller coasters and other attractions that are not that scary and thus enjoyable for most people. For example, there is the Blizzard River Raft Ride, which might be a good opportunity in summer to escape the heat, or Houdini’s Escape, which is a spinning room illusion. It’s also fun to spend time in the Looney Tunes-themed Movie Town or in the Hurricane Harbor Water Park. If you are interested in going to the water park, make sure you go after May 24th, as it is not open until the main season starts. Queue times for the roller coasters were rather short when I went to Six Flags in April, but there will probably be more people the warmer it gets.

Although Six Flags, New England, is not so big, I would say that the attractions are definitely worth a trip. Agawam is located about 90 minutes from Boston by car or bus, if you are interested you can just sign up the next time EC offers the activity to go to Six Flags!