Meet Denysha, our new intern at EC Boston!


My name is Denysha Jackson. I am a rising sophomore at Babson College. I was born and raised in Boston, Mass. As a child I’ve always been enthralled with languages. I grew up with Vietnamese, Cantonese and Spanish speaking people all around me.  I attempted to learn Vietnamese in elementary school but I could never remember anything. In high school my desire to learn a language was at an all-time high also took Spanish classes in High School; but I was never that great. Eventually I became interested in Korean media and culture and decided to learn Korean. No High School in Boston offers Korean as a modern language, so to help me learn I reached out to native Koreans who came to Boston to learn English. My very first language partner was a student from EC Boston. She was very excited to teach me Korean and she was also very grateful that I was going to help her practice speaking English. That experience was very rewarding for me, so much in fact that I continued to meet and help people learn English throughout high school.

As a college freshman I did not have the time to come back to Boston and continue to meet people face to face like before. However I had started to formally learn Korean in my second semester started to realize how hard it was to learn a language in a classroom. My love for helping people learn English brought me back to EC Boston. I wanted to find an English school so that I can start to do the work that I love in a professional setting. Thinking back to my very first language partner I decided that I wanted to become an Intern at EC Boston. I came in hopes of helping students and learning about how an English school runs. I believe that there are many exciting things waiting to be uncovered at EC Boston and I can’t wait to explore them.


Fun Facts:

I’ve been to Costa Rica, Mexico and South Korea. My favorite experience abroad was when I broke my iPod in Korea. If you find me at EC ask me about it!

My favorite thing about Boston, or rather my favorite tourist location, is the Museum of Science. They always have something new and cool to see.

I like to watch Korean Dramas. I can spend a whole day binge watching a single drama.