November in Boston!

What are you planning to do in November? Do you have plans for Tuesday, November 11th? It’s Veteran’s Day remember, so there won’t be any school.

If you haven’t decided yet, I want to introduce some activities that you can enjoy.


The White mountains

Have you ever heard about the White Mountains? They are located in New Hampshire and is well known for beautiful scenery. Especially watching fall leaves is one of the most famous events during autumn. Also, they have cable cars! If you are a person who doesn’t like to walk, you can use this cable car. It costs $16 round trip!

white mountain white mountain2

Apple picking

Do you like apples? If you want to eat fresh apples, I recommend going apple picking. You can eat apples as soon as you pick them from the trees. In Massachusetts, there are some places that offer apple picking. Therefore, if you search a little bit you can find the place easily. Also, near there you can easily find food that includes apples like a apple cider, apple donuts, etc. I’m sure you would love it! Just try it!!

apple picking apple picking2


Ice skating!

Those two activities that I mentioned before are a little bit far from the center of Boston. However, this activity is very close to our school. Have you noticed that Boston common has a pond? As the weather is getting colder, the pond is going to be an ice rink. They haven’t post the specific date yet, but normally it happens in the middle of November.  If you are a sporty person it would be a great experience! You can’t skate? No worries! They have lessons, so if you are interested in skating you can join the lessons! Are you ready to enjoy skating?

ice skating ice skating2


Written by Gayeong Lee, a Student Ambassador at EC Boston and a student in the Intensive English Program in Boston.