Watch: Osman Ftaes and Rajab Amansouri of Libya Perform at Graduation

Last Friday’s graduation was one of EC Boston’s most memorable. Two of our Libyan students, Osman M Ftaes and Rajab Amansouri, performed a song native to Libya in lieu of their courses coming to an end in Boston. The performance moved all who were in attendance.

“It’s an Amazigh song,” wrote Osman. “In Libya we have two different races: Amazigh and Arabs. The main idea of the song is how can we make ourselves better as our people used to and how can we make that gorgeous history, which we all as Amazigh people are so proud of, return again.”


Osman and Rajab also shared with us a little bit about themselves and their experience taking ESL classes in Boston. Here is what they had to say:

Osman M Ftaes of Libya



“My name is Osman M Ftaes from Libya. In April 2014 , I decided to go to the U.S. to improve my English and to complete my studies. When I arrived in the U.S. I didn’t know how to use English language. Just imagine… nothing. Most of the time I was smiling with few words. On my first day at EC Boston, I was wondering if it was going to work, but later I really felt like I was with my family.

I have met many people, who have become a part of me. Many people helped me and supported me, especially the teachers. They encouraged and supported me with everything, not only with school subjects. I had an incredible time. I learned, enjoyed, and I improved a lot. I won’t forget any second of this terrific experience.

Thank you, EC Boston family.”

Rajab Amansouri, Libya


“My name is Rajab Amansouri, I’m an Amazighian Libyan. I’m someone who has the potential to understand what life has given me. Personally, I’m a kind and open-minded person who helps people with their suffering and gives them great solutions at the perfect time. I have always believed that when someone wants to reach his/her goal, one must have faith and patience to do whatever it takes to reach this goal. ‘The more progress u have, the more space you can get.’

Being in the U.S., specifically at EC Boston, taught me many things, which have helped me to improve my English language skills and my way of communicating with others. The teachers gave me all of their time and they were my family during my studies at EC.

Finally, I am thankful to EC Boston and proud of being a student there. It is one of the reasons I was able to enhance my knowledge and experiences.