Travel Tuesday: Crane Beach!


Students learning English at EC Boston visit Crane Beach!

Written by Bryn Keating

It’s summertime in Boston, which means that many of us, locals and tourists alike, are flocking to the beach to catch the sun and surf. While Bostonians benefit from several T-accessible beaches (including Revere Beach on the blue line – the oldest public beach in America!), there are more picturesque and less crowded beaches a short distance outside the city. And the best news is that one of these seaside gems, Crane Beach, is accessible without a car for the next few weeks!

Crane Beach is a protected natural area located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The beach is over 4 miles long, and the property boasts miles of trails, rare sand dunes, and habitats for many coastal birds.

Overlooking Crane Beach is Castle Hill and The Great House, a 59-room mansion built in 1928.

While the Crane Estate is worth visiting any time of year, you can get there via public transportation on weekends through Sept. 7th. MBTA Commuter Rail trains to Ipswich leave North Station on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Once in Ipswich, take the Essex Ipswich Explorer bus (blue route) to Crane Beach, and enjoy a day in nature!

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