Word of the Day Wednesday: Today’s Word is ‘Extend’

By Nikita Duke

Happy Word of the Day Wednesday, all. I was inspired for today’s Word of the Day at the front desk yesterday, when I asked a student if he would like to extend and he was unsure of what the word meant. As many of you know, this word is very important here at EC Boston…. we want you all to love your experience here and extend your stay!

Extend is a verb that can have several different meanings, but today I will talk about only a couple of its more popular meanings.

The first definition of extend is “to straighten or spread out (the body or a limb) at full length.” (via Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Here is an example of extend used in a sentence with a photograph to help illustrate its meaning:

“Nikita extended her arms.”

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Another definition of this word is “to postpone (a starting or ending time) beyond the original limit.”  (via Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Below is an example of extend used in a different way:

“Doris’s last day at EC was this Friday, so she came to the Front Desk to extend her course until June.”

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