Why you should watch the Superbowl on Sunday!

What’s so good about football anyways?

Everyone here in Boston is excited about what’s happening on Sunday! The New England Patriots, Boston’s professional American football team, are facing off against the Los Angeles Rams in the Superbowl! However, for many people football is a very confusing sport. As a result some students struggle to understand why Boston is so obsessed with American football. Thankfully, we have Brazil’s biggest football fan, Francisco Goldenberg Zarif, enrolled in our school! In this blog, he will explain the rules and why football is so great!

Introducing Francisco!

EC student at Patriots Game
Francisco attending New England Patriots vs San Diego Chargers at Gillette Stadium


Hello EC Boston students and those reading the blog!

My name is Francisco, I’m 22 and come all the way from Brazil! I’ve been asked to talk a little about my favorite sport in this blog. As far as I`m concerned, every time someone thinks about my country and sports, soccer immediately comes to mind. Today though, I’ll be talking about something a little bit different: American football!

Wait, you like football but you’re from Brazil? How does that happen?


I first got in touch with the sport about 12 years ago, when my father, a fan of the sport since he was young, tried to convince me that the game was much more than big guys hitting themselves for no reason.

It took no more than a game for him to show me he was right. Of course football has contact and big hits sometimes, but It goes so much deeper than that. It is basically a battle for territory, in which strategy and discipline are your biggest strengths, incredibly more important than brute force! In a nutshell, both teams have their offensive and defensive units. The offense tries to take the ball to the end of the defense territory, following a certain group of rules, while the defensive players try to stop It at all cost.

The most amazing thing is that each play used during the game, by both offense and defense, is designed so every player has a specific role, and if he doesn’t do it correctly, the play is doomed to fail. Further more, there are dozens of plays in each game, so the coaches have to come up with a plan to beat its opponent, and have to be prepared to make adjustments during the game, making the experience of watching a football match even more interesting, after you realize these little things that happen between timeouts and interruptions.

Why should I care about football in Boston?

It’s very important to remember that, here in Boston, we even have the privilege of being close to the greatest team in football’s recent years, the New England Patriots. They’ve created a dynasty over the past 18 years, and won 5 championships since 2001!

I strongly recommend watching the final on Sunday, February 3rd, also known as Superbowl. The game is the most watched event all over the world. It’s normal to find people who have heard of it because of the great halftime show, with hugely famous performers, but believe me, that`s pretty far from being the best thing that happens in the Super Bowl day. Oh, and the best part about this Superbowl; the New England Patriots are playing in it against the Los Angeles Rams!

I hope that if you’ve never heard of football before at least now you got to know what it is all about, and if you have any particular questions, or if you also like it and want to talk more about it, please feel free to come to my presentation on American football tomorrow at 2:30 or stop me anytime back in EC

Go Pats!

Do you want to study English in the city with the best American football team in the world? Choose EC and study at our English school in Boston!