Sunday Experience with our new students!

Our SSC Stephen with students from Brazil, South Korea, and Japan!

Every Sunday, EC brings our new students to Cheers’s Quincy Market location to welcome them to Boston! Cheers is a famous bar featured in a TV show back in the 90s, and now it has multiple locations in Boston! Last Sunday, our SSC Stephen took new students from Brazil, South Korea, and Japan to our Sunday Experience Lunch! We even had a former student join us, as his friend started at EC Boston this week! The restaurant is also one of Stephen’s favorites in Boston, he says “I enjoy eating at Cheers. I’m on a restricted diet but they have a wide variety of food so I always find something to eat, this week I had grilled chicken! I normally recommend that students get “Clam Chowda”, a famous Boston dish with fish, normally cod or clams, potatoes, onions, pork, and milk, in my opinion you can’t leave Boston without trying it!”


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