Boston runs the 123rd Boston Marathon!

The most important Monday of the year in Boston in Marathon Monday! Known as Patriots Day officially, it is a day where the city of Boston shuts down and everyone goes to either run the Marathon or watch the Marathon! Many of our students, teachers, and staff enjoy watching the marathon every year!


One of our teachers, Gordon Parris, is planning on running the Boston Marathon next year! He started running competitively in 2017 and has since run the Philadelphia Marathon, which he finished with a time of 4:00:00 (yes, that was his time). He says “it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life! Miles 20-26 were torture, I hit a wall, it was insane! But there was a sense of companionship when you’re running, both from fellow runners and the spectators, that helped me finish the race. I stopped at mile 25, but there was a woman who shouted ‘Gordon, you can do it!’ and I thought to myself ‘yes, I can do it!’ and ended up running to the finish!” He also thanks his students from EC for inspiring him and teaching him about their countries. Cheering this year’s marathon from mile 23, he stated “many people were wearing either flags or symbols from the countries they were from, and thanks to my students I learned how to say ‘let’s go’ in so many languages! Some Koreans looked very confused, but also excited that someone was shouting let’s go in Korean!”


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