Interview with Boston’s Newest Student Service Coordinator

Recently at EC Boston, one of our Teachers became a Student Services Coordinator. Our Center Director, James, has a couple of questions for him!


James: Hi Michael. Firstly, what would you say is the number one reason you wanted to switch from the Teacher’s role to the Student Services?

Michael: That’s a nice question James, but I want to be clear – I didn’t ‘switch’, because I still teach. Now I do both! This is perfect for me. As a teacher, I view myself almost like a coach. What I mean by this is that, in the classroom, I put a big emphasis on the students producing the work while I stand on the sidelines and coach them. As a student services coordinator, I get the privilege of working outside of the classroom on a more personal level with the students, whether this is to help solve any problems they have one-on-one, or to put together and enjoy activities. Now I get to tick all boxes!

James: Good answer. Can you tell me more about these activities?

Michael: Absolutely! Working closely with Olivia, our summer intern, we’ve put into place a new activity schedule which makes sure we have one activity every day. Sometimes two! I posted on the blog yesterday about the ice cream social which students loved, and today students are going to play their weekly game of soccer.

James: Sounds great! Do you have a favorite activity?

Michael: I certainly do, and it’s going to happen on Monday. It’s EC Game Night! After school, the students gather to play board games, which is a fantastic opportunity not only to have fun, but also to practice their English in a whole different environment. Above all, it’s fun for all levels of English!

James: That’s fantastic, Michael. Hopefully, I can check out the game night on Monday, too! Next question: would you say you’ve encountered any unexpected problems or difficulties since taking on the student services role?

Michael: Well, now I don’t get to be in the classroom as often, and there are so many new things I have to learn in terms of computer software and programs. But other than this, absolutely no problems. It’s a pleasure to work with all of the staff and students here at EC Boston.

James: I’m glad to hear it. Finally, if a new student were to ask you what they should do on a Friday evening in Boston, what would you tell them?

Michael: Good question! Well, hopefully they’re feeling challenged and a little tired after their first week of classes and EC Soccer. So, I might suggest they walk to Boston’s North End and grab a Canoli. They might see me there doing the same!


Hope you enjoyed the interview! Learn more about our English Courses in Boston here.