Birthday Interview With Teacher Dan in Boston

So, one of our teachers is celebrating his birthday today!

Dan has been at English School Boston for over five years, and on his special day, we sat down with him to ask a couple of quick questions.


Question: Firstly, I’d like to ask what have the students done to help you celebrate your birthday today?

Dan: Bought me too many cakes, ha! Some students got me a really nice carrot cake, and others brought me a tray of cupcakes. Everything tasted wonderful, but I’ve definitely eaten too much sugar today!


Question: What is your favorite thing to eat on your Birthday?

Dan: There’s a place called Steve’s in my hometown. I’m from New Hampshire, as you know. They have a delicious meat pie, and every year on my birthday I go home and get one. Well, two!


Question: If you could travel anywhere in the world for your birthday today, where would you go?

Dan: I’d go to Antartica. I’m fascinated by it. Basically, I’d just love to know what happens at the bottom of the world. It’s so cold there like my emotions, ha!