Meet Our New Intern, Kazuki!

Hi everyone. My name is Kazuki Iwata. I’m proud to work at EC Boston. I came from Japan. In Japan, I live in Aichi prefecture which is middle of Japan. I’ll work here as a student services intern from July 1st to September 13th. I’m an university student and I major in sociology like environmental problem and international relationship.

Today, I’ll tell you why I chose to intern overseas briefly. In 2018, I went to a language school in Canada for studying abroad. In the school, I met some teachers and staff members. Thanks for their assistance, I had a wonderful time in Canada. After that, I thought I want to assist students as a staff member next time. Moreover, overseas intern is not common in Japan, so I thought I’ll experience that and tell the next generation about interning overseas. My English skill is not so well, but I want to do my best to contribute to EC Boston. My goal is to be able to speak and listen to English fluently.  Nice to be with you for about 3 months.

From July 19th to July 21st, I went to New York by ISX trip. We went to New York by bus for 4 hours. I saw many famous places like Empire State building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial Place and so on. Because I watched these places by only TV and book, I was very excited when I saw them by my eyes. Moreover, I also enjoyed shopping. Through this New York trip, I was able to talk with various students and make friends with them. Thank you everyone, thank you ISX!