Downtown Boston — What Can Students Do Here?

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that Downtown Boston is just the financial district. Sure, it’s true that a whole host of big, global companies have their offices here. And sure, it’s true that many of the city’s skyscrapers are dedicated to big banking and accountancy firms. However, there is so much for students and tourists to do in Downtown Boston!

Firstly, why not enjoy some American History? If you’re interested in American History, Boston is the only place for you. There’s a redbrick path which runs through the streets of Boston. It’s called the Freedom Trail, and if you follow this trail through the downtown, you’ll get the opportunity to see so many of the amazing historical sites.

Secondly, while you’re checking out that history, go shopping! Downtown Crossing has hundreds of shops to appease all of your shopping needs, but if you’re such a shopaholic that Downtown Crossing isn’t enough, check out even more shops in Quincy Market! And you know what else is right next to Quincy Market, right? Yup – EC Boston! We’re right in the heart of Boston’s Downtown. Faneuil Hall was voted by Forbes as the 4th most popular tourist destination in all of America!

Here’s another idea — eat all of the seafood! There are so many seafood restaurants in Boston, including America’s oldest restaurant. Yeah, you read that correctly — America’s oldest restaurant! We have two particularly famous seafood dishes here. 1: The Lobster Roll. While you can get this in many places, you’ve got to try it here — Massachusetts style. 2: Clam Chowder. A really thick, creamy delicious soup with clams and crackers.

And really, I’m just scratching the surface (Idiom — it means these are just a few details, but there are so many more!) here, go out and enjoy a whole host of fun activities in Downtown Boston while you Learn English Abroad.