Welcoming Ayaka, to learn English and to intern for EC in Boston!

EC Boston has a new intern! While we always love our interns, Ayaka has especially stood out as a great intern, and she’s been an incredible asset at our school! She’s come to Boston to learn more English and she’s already impressed with her level of English! Today’s she’s written a post to introduce herself:

Hello, everyone!  If I haven’t met you yet, I’m Ayaka. I’m the new intern, and I’m from Japan. When I lived in Japan, I was a university student, and my major was international relations and developments. I came this country in July, and I spent last 3 months in New York. Some people don’t like that city, but I love that. Over 4 months, I will devote myself to improving my English so that I can talk to and help you. Besides, I would like to go various places in Boston with making full use of Charlie Card. Even though I’m indoor person, I will try to do as many fun Boston activities as possible.

Ayaka (on the left) is our new intern here at EC!

Would you like to be like Ayaka an improve your English in Boston? Check out our website to see if you want to learn English in Boston.