Ayaka’s Wonderful Host Family Experience!

Ayaka working hard, or hardly working?

Hi, everyone. It’s Ayaka. I’ve been living with my host mother as many students do. After having lived with her, I realized how wonderful living with host family is, so I’m telling you what it’s like. When I started to live with her, it had been passed five months since I came to this country. I really missed my country, family, friends. But since I lived with her, she treats me like as her child, I always feel like I have a a mother in here. When I go back home and see her, she always says “how was your school today?” She knows I’m a Japanese and I like white rice, so she often makes it for me. When I’m tired, she really cares about me. When I’m depressed, she listens to me and gives me some advice. When I study English at home, she praises me up and teaches me some words.

I had lived with another host mother in New York, and I cannot say all of host families are good. But one thing I can say is my host mother is the best ever. After I came to this country, I experienced living alone and living with some roommates. Both of them were really good experiences for me. However, I strongly recommend you live with host family. You can improve your English skills while having fun and you can experience American culture. When you are at home, you always feel warm.  I’m a super lucky person that I can live with her, and I really appreciate that Stephen sent me to her house.