International Student Potluck

This week, EC Boston will be hosting another International Student Potluck! A potluck is an American tradition. When large groups of people gather, everybody brings one dish to share with everybody else. So, you have lots of options to choose from when you eat!

The best part is, when we host this at EC Boston, we have over 20 different nationalities represented at the school right now! So just imagine what a wide variety of different foods you can expect to see when students from all over the world put their dishes together.

This is a very rewarding experience because it gives a student a chance to share their culture with their fellow students. Each student gets to share with their friends lots of interesting information like why they chose to bring the dish they brought, how they made it, what kind of ingredients are used. This is a wonderful chance for students to practice their speaking and listening skills while they learn lots of new things about a whole variety of different cultures. And, most importantly, they get to eat delicious food! We’re going to have a prize for best home-cooked dish, so we hope this will bring out the competitive side in our students as they try to make the best dish!

What’s more, our teachers and staff love to get involved, too! That’s right, our teachers are very excited to participate in this event. Last time we hosted a potluck, Dan brought his famous grilled cheese sandwiches and Cat brought her handed-down-through-generations family recipe tomato soup. Our intern, Ayaka, got involved, too: she made some delicious Yakisoba! Michael, our British representative, home-made some scones with jam and cream. Many students didn’t believe that he’d cooked these himself! This time, he says he’s going to bring Scouse, which is the native dish of his home city, Liverpool.

The last great thing about the potluck is that, after a full day of Learning English in Boston, this is a wonderful chance to relax and have fun.