A goodbye from Ayaka!

Hello, everyone. It’s Ayaka. Finally, this is my last day at EC Boston. I wish I could stay here forever…

I’ve been here for four months, and I’ve had many precious memories. I’m writing this so that I can share some memories with you and keep it as a memory.

When I first came to EC Boston, all I could say were these three word, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Stephen”. I really hated my English,  I have a Japanese accent, which makes it much harder for you to understand me. While I’m speaking English, even I can see many mistakes with my English. But thanks to teachers and staff, I came to be able to speak with confidence gradually. They always corrected my English, worked on accents reduction with me. Thanks to them, I improved my English more than I expected.

 To be honest, I’ve thought I wanted to quit this intern and go back to Japan many times. I cried out behind front desk a thousand of times, and felt like I wasn’t doing the best job that I could. However, the reason why I could stay here for four months is everyone. They have been very nice to me for whole four months. When I’m at front desk with them, I always laugh at their jokes. If they weren’t them, I couldn’t finish my intern in Boston.

I also want to say all students thank you. In the morning, when students said good morning to me, I felt happy to be at front desk. In the lunch time, many students stopped by at front desk, and talked to me many things, about class rooms, teachers, students and their lives.   After the class, I joined in many activity with students and shared amazing time with them. I didn’t take classes, and eat lunch with students, but all students talked to me friendly and really nice to me. It was the best time of the day for me.

Without doubt, I can say all teachers, staff, and students are the best. I’ve never met such wonderful people. The four months I spent in EC with everyone was the best period in my life. I didn’t expect that I could have such a wonderful time in here. I’m the happiest person in the world.

 I have many things that I want to share with you, but I will keep it in my mind. I’ll never forget about days in here, about you guys. I really appreciate everything. Thank you so much. See you around!