Potluck Flyer

International Student Potluck

This week, EC Boston will be hosting another International Student Potluck! A potluck is an American tradition. When large groups of people gather, everybody brings one dish to share with everybody else. So, you have lots of options to choose from when you eat! The best part is, when we host this at … Read more

EC Boston Speed Dating

Speed Dating — A Fantastic Student Activity

If you’ve traveled all the way from your native country for an English Course in Boston, we expect that you’ll want to try and experience the city of Boston and American culture. Here at EC Boston, we love any opportunity to combine speaking practice with authentic American experiences. … Read more

Downtown Boston

Downtown Boston — What Can Students Do Here?

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that Downtown Boston is just the financial district. Sure, it’s true that a whole host of big, global companies have their offices here. And sure, it’s true that many of the city’s skyscrapers are dedicated to big banking and accounta … Read more

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

3 of the best in Boston with Kazuki

Hello, it’s Kazuki here! Did you know that Massachusetts is the first place in America where the Europeans settled? And, it’s the first place in America where EC settled! Although Boston may be smaller than other major cities like Los Angels and New York, Boston has a whole host of places and activi … Read more

Niagara Falls by Kazuki

Kazuki’s Trip to Niagara Falls with our Students

This summer, Kazuki, our intern, went on an ISX trip to Niagara falls! ISX is a company which runs fantastic trips for our students. Recently, student have enjoyed trips to places like New York City, Washington D.C., Providence, and Salem, as well as fun attractions like Six Flags and Boston Red Sox … Read more

Sunday Experience at Cheers

Our Sunday Experience for New Students

Here in Boston, we know it can be difficult for new students when they arrive. Sometimes, Boston and the USA are just so different form a student’s native country. And sometimes, the student has never traveled before! That’s why we put a big emphasis on the first weekend! We send a greet … Read more

Suggested Weekend Activity: The SoWa Open Market!

If you’re looking for something to do on a Sunday this summer or fall, consider visiting the SoWa Open Market! It’s a collection of vendors in the South End neighborhood of Boston. They gather along Harrison Avenue from 10:00am-4:00pm every Sunday from May to October. The market is free … Read more

EC Boston Swan Boats with Rachid

Students Visit The Swan Boats in Boston Common

Our wonderful teacher, Rachid Hsein, took a group of students to visit The Swan Boats in Boston Common last week. One of the most incredible things about The Swan Boats in Boston is that they’ve been in operation since 1877. That means that for almost 150 years, people have been coming to Bost … Read more

EC Boston Students Enjoy Their First Ice Cream Social

This week, our students gathered for a new activity, ice cream social! We had many different flavors of ice cream and toppings. The activity gave students a great opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves after another challenging day of Learning English in Boston but made sure that they kept workin … Read more