English in the City: Learning English in a New Way

Last week, Jenna’s English in the City class set out in Faneuil Hall to complete a very fun and unique assignment. The students learned collocations and idioms with the verbs make and do (ex: doing time, make a promise). The students were given a list of these and were told they had 30 minutes to go out and take pictures of themselves acting out 3 of them. Here are some of the crowd favorites from that assignment.         English in the City is a new elective at EC Boston, where students go on an educational field trip in the city 2 times a week in order to get a more immersive learning experience. Get more information about learning English in Boston!  

English in the City Learns About the Boston Massacre

Jenna’s English in the City class visited the site of the Boston Massacre this week! There, teacher Jenna laid down at the site and the students took photos and role played as the different historical figures who were involved and live-tweeted about the Massacre. Boston Massacre Tweets Written by Paul Revere and Sam Adams When I passed through the State House I saw a boy who shouted “I’m dying” and he was bleeing on his head. People were gathering. British soldiers started shooting us, innocent Bostonians! Come and help us! #GodhelpAmerica @State House “Damn you, fire!” Don’t let the British steal your honor. Gather around and fight for your rights! Written by the British soldiers It’s evening now. I’m still on duty. There’s a bunch of teenagers yelling at my colleague. #KingStreet I feel scared because the snow they threw really hurt me. One of my colleagues fell down and accidentally fired his weapon into the crowd. #gangsta Finally, Governor Thomas Hutchinson #boss came here. He got everyone to leave. He asked me to talk with him about what happened. Written by the Boston teens who started the chaos On my way home from work I bumped into a British soldier. He kept bothering me so I told him his Mom was ugly and he hit me in the head #whatajerk Let’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiight guys! #hitinthehead #kickinthenuts #bestthingever #followforfollow #instalove #endlessfun 5 guys dead! The stupid governor came and brought more sheep with him. So the crowd broke up! #endoftheparty #whatashame Find out about learning English in Boston.

EC Boston Celebrates World Environment Day!

Earlier this month, EC Boston celebrated United Nations World Environment Day, an annual holiday purposed to raise global awareness about pressing environmental issues and urge people to take positive action to protect nature and planet Earth. EC staff and students came to school dressed in green to raise awareness and enjoyed free environmental movies being screened by the student lounge all day.   Learn more about Boston English.

Class Field Trip to the MIT Museum!

    Students in Marina’s Elementary class enjoyed meeting Kismet – the world’s first social robot – at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Museum today! They discovered the different emotions this robot can simulate and how human vocal tones and body language can affect how he responds to you. Students also interacted with other works with robotic components. The MIT Museum was founded in 1971. It hosts unique collections of artificial intelligence, robotics, maritime history, technology-related artworks, holography and, of course, the history of MIT itself. The museum is about a 25 minute train ride from EC Boston. Learn more about Boston English.  

Class Field Trip to the The Barking Crab

Marina‘s Intermediate 3A core class went on an excursion yesterday to the Barking Crab, a seafood restaurant here in Boston. The focus of the trip was to practice conversational skills while exploring a new site in Boston. The studnets walked along the Boston Harbor, ate some local seafood, took a lot of pictures and, on the way back to school, stopped at an ice cream truck to share some “monster” ice cream sandwiches! Here are some photos from their trip! Learn more about ESL Boston.

EC Boston Stands #UpForSchool

On Friday, EC Boston participated in the #UpForSchool campaign, a petition started by the World for School charity urging world leaders at the United Nations (UN) to do more to get the 58 million out-of-school children around the world currently into education. World for School intends to deliver this petition to the UN in September with a goal of 24 million signatures. EC Boston students signed the petition and took photos promoting the #UpForSchool campaign. You too can sign the petition today and get involved in getting students all over the world access a safe education. Learn more about ESL classes in Boston.

EC Boston to Participate in Annual Walk for Hunger

On Sunday, May 3rd, students and staff at EC Boston will participate in Boston’s annual Walk for Hunger. All proceeds go to Project Bread, an anti-Hunger organization creating and promoting programs to help end hunger in Massachusetts.   The walk is one of Boston’s biggest spring traditions with an average of 40,000 walkers each year. The scenic walk route is 20 miles long and stretches throughout downtown Boston, Newton, Brookline, Watertown and Cambridge. Walkers can start at the official start point (The Boston Common) or at one of the many checkpoints along the way. Walkers can also stop at any of the checkpoints and take a shuttle bus back to the start line. This year, EC Boston will be participating in the walk. We hope to have at least 25 walkers representing our school and to raise at least $400 to fight hunger in our state. If you would like to join Team EC or support the team via donation, please visit our team page. Learn more about ESL Boston.

March Activity Calendar: What’s Going on At EC Boston?

Hey, readers! Wondering what’s going on at the EC Boston Language Center this month? Our March Activity Calendar is up and ready! This month’s activities include a pho dinner led by two of our Vietnamese interns, a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, skiing/snowboarding and trips to New York City, Montreal/Quebec and Washington DC/Philadelphia.     Also worth mentioning: On Tuesday, March 17th, the city of Boston will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or “The Feast of Saint Patrick,” an Irish cultural and religious holiday. An annual parade will be held this Sunday, March 15th, in South Boston also referred to as “Southie,” Boston’s famous Irish neighborhood. We encourage our students to head to the parade this weekend and participate in the colorful and cultural Boston tradition. But wait! It gets better. Here in Boston, we are saying goodbye to the snow and hello to the spring so be sure the check back for April’s calendar, which will feature outdoor activities for the students to participate in. Find out more about ESL classes in Boston.

Greenvironment Club at EC Boston

Greenvironment, which was set up by a few students and a teacher, Timothy. Having a meeting once a week, every Monday, we set out to consider recycling for environment that each person can do easily. As well, we research and find out how bad effects occur to environment when people do not care about recycling by throwing all garbage together into just one trash bin without any distinction, even if it could be recycled perfectly. Since I got interested in recycling by being one of the Greenvironment members, I’ve started to become conscious of some restaurants and cafes’ recycling systems and whether they have the recycling bins separate or not. Unbelievably, most of the restaurants and cafes where I visit haven’t considered it and they just had one trash bin, which was piled up with all kinds of trash in it. They did not care about it and seemed to be totally ignoring our world for their convenience and comfort. What I’ve seen of this situation has been really shocking as long as I have been aware of it. Thus, I thought I should recycle as a person at home, of course, and in EC Boston as well. The things that I can normally recycle are the plastic bottles, glasses and papers; in particularly, bottles and glasses should be rinsed out before being put into a bin and should not be with oil and organic things(food). I recognized that I should help the environment with consideration and responsibility for my world. Basically, the reason why I was able to change as a careful person about recycling is thanks to having been one of the members of Greenvironment. Before, we had an opportunity to make a presentation about our task. It’s about what’s going on in our world and what’s the … Read more