TOEFL Class Shares Influential World Leaders

Here’s a selection of EC Boston’s TOEFL class essays on world leaders:  1. Juanes Only a few people can change the fate of an entire nation, and in many cases the whole world, with their actions. Among of these people, names such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King stand out for th … Read more

Got water?

Melody’s Global Citizenship class was given an assignment to discuss the differences between bottled and tap water. They didn’t just talk about the project among EC students; they went out on the street and gave people a taste test! If you’d like to see a video of the project, just check out EC Bost … Read more

Cooking with the Culture & Communication Class

Tofu Kimchi by Sunkeel Ingredients 1 package tofu 1½ cups aged kimchi ¼ lb pork strips (thinly sliced) 1 tbsp kochukaru (red chili pepper flakes) 1 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp minced garlic 1 green onion, chopped Salt and pepper How  to cook tofu kimchi In a pot, fill enough water to cover … Read more

Class Field Trip!

Haidy took her class out on a field trip to explore historical sites around Boston! As an English school in Boston, our students have great access to many major historical attractions such as Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Old State House and Park Street Church. Students worked in pairs or groups of t … Read more

Breaking Barriers: A Cultural Guide to EC Boston by the Culture and Communication Elective Class

   EC Boston students interviewed each other about common misconceptions from their countries. They share their opinions and stories from their own cultures and explore those of others.   Abdullah interviewed Alberto and Satoko: Q: I heard a lot of corruption in Italy, is it true? A. There are … Read more

Digital Storytelling Showtime at EC Boston

A special thanks to Mayara, Valerie, Min Jung, and Natalia who shared their digital storytelling videos with us on Friday. These were the first students to complete the Digital Storytelling Elective class. Thank you to all who shared videos and all the students, teachers, and staff who came to watch … Read more

Good Luck to EC Boston’s Cambridge Exam Students!

It is the beginning of March, and the days are getting (slightly) longer, but this is also a sign that EC’s Spring 2013 Cambridge classes are winding down. Cambridge students will be sitting for the Speaking portion of their exams this week and then complete the rest of the exams this weekend. … Read more

EC Boston Conversation Partners Program Review

EC Boston English Language School offers an exciting and valuable program to international students studying English with us in Boston.  It’s called the Conversation Partners Program.  Through this program, students who are at an Intermediate level and above can be matched with a Native-Englis … Read more