EC Guest Lecture Series – All About Hawaii!

by Tiare Niland Where will your English studies take you? As a current EC Boston intern teacher from Hawaii, I’d like to share about my state’s unique culture with you! There will be an upcoming EC Guest Lecture on Wednesday, February 27th 2016 in room 612 during the lunch at 11:50am! It’s free for all to attend and will feature interesting information about food, traditions and fun activities, as well as general trivia. For instance, did you know that Hawaii actually consists of 8 unique islands? Give your mind a vacation from the cold winter weather and learn more about the beautiful and warm Aloha state! As you can see, one of the best things about English is that it is used everywhere in the United States. The knowledge and experience you gain from your time spent in Boston can be taken with you anywhere! EC also has a number of other great schools all over the country to help you meet your learning goals. You can start your exploration today by browsing our English Language Courses in the USA! It will open up a world of possibilities for you.

English in the City: Learning English in a New Way

Last week, Jenna’s English in the City class set out in Faneuil Hall to complete a very fun and unique assignment. The students learned collocations and idioms with the verbs make and do (ex: doing time, make a promise). The students were given a list of these and were told they had 30 minutes to go out and take pictures of themselves acting out 3 of them. Here are some of the crowd favorites from that assignment.         English in the City is a new elective at EC Boston, where students go on an educational field trip in the city 2 times a week in order to get a more immersive learning experience. Get more information about learning English in Boston!  

Learn English in the USA: EC Makes Traveling America Easy!

EC Language Centers are located in many well-known and famous destinations in the United States. Our centers are typically located right in the center of the city, making the experience even more grand than learning English. You are close to so many other destinations in the U.S. that are you ought to visit. Our schools in California, EC San Francisco, EC San Diego, and EC Los Angeles are all located right next to the ocean. You’re able to enjoy the amazing sunshine along with a cool breeze.  No matter which school you choose to go to, you can visit each of those cities during your stay in California.  They’re less than half a day apart and there’s so much to explore. On top of that, Yosemite, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon are just a little bit further out. The experience in California becomes so much more than studying English. Book a trip to California as soon as you can! A car is a must have in California, so make sure to bring your international driver’s license. If you like being in an urban city, then EC Boston, EC New York, and EC Washington DC will suit your needs.  Each city really establishes itself in a different way.  EC Boston is very historic and it’s small communities make you feel instantly at home.  EC New York is full of hustle and bustle, giving you a never ending list of things to do. EC Washington DC provides you with the opportunity to learn about the United States through the years with many free things to do and see.  The unique thing about all of these cities are the very easy to use metro systems.  You won’t need a car here and can easily access hot spots by subway. The east coast … Read more

All About Electives at EC Boston

Wondering what elective classes are currently being offered at EC Boston? Our Academic Team and teachers put together this chart of electives including the teacher, time, and content for each class. Enjoy!   Learn more about English for Work.

Elective Classes at EC Boston!

Wondering what elective classes are currently being offered at EC Boston? Our Academic Team and teachers put together this list of electives including the teacher, time, and content for each class. Enjoy! Advanced/Upper/High Intermediate Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays Advanced Write Now MWF 11:35 Carolyn Writing at the Upper and Advanced levels. Establish a strong familiarity and confidence in writing in English with many opportunities to write while integrating new vocabulary and grammar. Film Studies 120 MWF 11:35 Tessa Viewing films. Develop critical skills by watching, analyzing, and learning to express criticisms on a varied genre of films. Write Now 122 MWF 11:35 Leslie Write Now 121 MWF 1:10 Rachel Writing at the High Intermediate level. Establish a strong familiarity and confidence in writing in English with many opportunities to write while integrating new vocabulary and grammar.   Tuesdays and Thursdays Advanced Academic Skills TT 1:10 Anna Developing research and study skills for academic pursuits. Analyze complex issues in society through the use of academic language. Advanced Get Talking TT 11:35 Tessa Speaking at the Advanced level. Develop confidence in holding conversations in English by utilizing structural collocations, language of debate, and vocabulary for casual and formal situations. Lang Through Music 120 TT 11:35 Cosimo Lang Through Music 121 TT 1:10 Tessa Using music to analyze structure and culture. Focus on different singer/songwriters and genres that have impacted and shaped the music world. Emphasize vocabulary, reading and comprehension in addition to listening activities. Get Talking 120 TT 1:10 JennaTalking at the High Intermediate level. Develop confidence and practice speaking about a variety of topics you may encounter in conversation with a native speaker. Grammar in Real Contexts 120 TT 1:10 Victoria Using higher level grammar in context. Strengthen and build confidence with English grammar through activities and lessons with a focus on practical application. Slang TT 1:10 Jenna How Americans speak outside of … Read more

Musicians in Boston

As part of a class project, Collete’s Pre-Intermediate class interviewed street performers. Here is one conducted by student Mini Li. Students love the interactive way our teachers teach English! Interesting fact: street performers and musicians in Boston must get a permit before they can take to the streets. Would you ever perform on the streets? What’s your hidden talent? Leave a comment! 🙂

English Student writes about whether or not a writer can ever be truly unbiased

The first lesson for all Journalism students should be trying to be as objective as they can when writing, but be sure that you will fail. And this rule works for all writing producers. Then you can think that all rules have its exception and maybe – but nothing other than maybe -, cooking recipes or any other kinds of technical writing descriptions can fit as an exception. However, some reasons which support the presented idea are personal opinion, sponsors and choosing facts. Let me show you the ones I chose for this text. First of all, every writer has their own personal opinion. Stronger or not, it is a fact that some different aspects influence what you decide to put on a paper. Background is one of them. If you were born in a rich and well-educated family or in another one with basic needs and where you had to work instead of studying during your childhood for example, it would interfere how you understand social rights. Experience is important too. If you spent your whole life in a dictatorial or even in a democratic country or if you had the opportunity to live in different countries with different cultures and government systems, your point of view about politicians would be narrowed or widened. The same if you just lived in a small or big city, with different problems and advantages. In addition, almost all the communication vehicles have sponsors or a company mission. In other words, different newspapers, TV broadcasts and internet news sources are tied to people and companies which support them financially by advertising incomes or any other kind of relationship. In this point, I want to make an exception to blogs and other new media that have allowed producers to write with liberty. At the same … Read more

Meet EC Boston’s Colombian Student Ambassador!

Here is bit of information about Juan in his own words: I was born in Colombia, South America in the second largest city of the country, Medellin. The morning of September 2nd of 1988. I have been interested in sports and fun outdoor activities like soccer, my favorite. When I went to school, I used to play soccer every day and won championships several times with my high school team. During my high school years, I discovered that was skilled at math and after that I decided to major in Administrative engineering this was a nice period of my life because I also used to go to my country house to learn about agriculture and cattle raising, which are interesting activities for me. After high school I had some nice experiences learning English abroad such as one summer camp in Kansas, one trip to learn English in a school near London and a couple of weeks in a community college in ST Louis, Missouri. During my time in university I changed a lot, I became more mature, I began to spend a long time studying for my professional preparation. Thanks to that I got my first business experience working for a company, Cadena S.A. I did an internship at this company and was employed in the production department for six months. I was promoted to the commercial department and it was an excellent opportunity to become a better professional and develop leadership skills. I worked for two years at this company until I finally decided to apply to Hult business school a university where I planned to do a masters degree in international Marketing. Last December I was pre-accepted to this university and for that reason I decided to move to Boston and study English because a requirement is getting a 6.5 on the … Read more

TOEFL Student Writes about 3D Printing

3D printing is a new revolution that can modify several aspects of the world, such as the economy, laws, medicine and environment. Furthermore, videos, lectures and interviews are already discussing this technology and its impacts on the society and consequently a new dynamic of consumer culture. According to a video about 3D printing, people have been discussing this technology because it can transform the culture of customization. “A customer goes from passive consumer to active creator”, declared in the video. Besides the economy, the marketplace can be totally affected. One point is a change in product sales. For example, people will be able to design their own products; a product will be brought to the market with no risk because stock will not be needed and the products will become unique, more valuable and expensive. However, some companies are scared of losing their clients and some people are afraid of losing their jobs. The video also states the impacts on case laws and medicine. As well as what happened to the model of the music industry, copyrights could be a problem for 3D industry because people will be making copies of products. And the real problem in the law would be the fact that there is no history about this technology. It would be an unprecedented case law that would be difficult for judges and lawyers to solve. Secondly, medicine would be affected principally by transplants. Scientists have been discussing the use of blood cells in 3D printing and it would provide transplants with no donors by printing real organisms. In addition, this tool could improve medical structures like models of babies instead of pictures. Listening to a lecture and a BBC interview, diverse ideas can be thought of too. According to the Forgac’s lecture, it would be possible use leather … Read more