Testimonial: Felipe Leonardo Fagundes of Brazil Talks about His Host Family Experience

Thinking about taking Intensive English classes in Boston? If so, you may want to live with one of our host families! Read what Felipe Leonardo Fagundes of Brazil had to say about his host family experience at EC Boston!   Gloria’s house surprised me in all senses. There I found a friendly and warm host mom that loves to help people and do everything to make sure her students feel comfortable. The atmosphere in her house is peaceful and respectful. I lived in a twin room with my Brazilian friend Leonardo. During this time, we also lived with six amazing girls from six different countries. I met in Gloria’s house people from Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. These girls reminded me of my own family in Brazil. I think this is a big unique point of Gloria’s house: to know people of different nationalities. I had lived in other host family, but I didn’t have a good environment to talk and to know people. In my opinion, this is a key point in an exchange program. If you don’t feel encouraged to talk and make friends, you won’t have a good experience. In Gloria’s home I felt like a part of the Storiano family. She cared for me as her soon. I ate good food every day and on Thanksgiving Day, I could invite my friends to a special lunch in her house.   The point is I felt free in her house. There are rules, however, the rules improve the environment and guarantee respect. If you want have enjoy your exchange and feel part of a family, go to Gloria’s house.

Best Restaurants in East Boston – For English Students in Homestays

As a resident of East Boston, Molly, our Homestay Coordinator, has been exploring my way through the dozens of restaurants sprinkled throughout Eastie, and was astounded at all the options – Who knew so many diverse restaurants were available just across the river from EC Boston?! For students living in Winthrop or Revere, get off at Maverick or Airport on your way home for a taste of something different! For all other EC students, take a quick trip on the weekend or after class to find some great eats that won’t leave your wallet empty. Santarpio’s http://www.santarpiospizza.com/menu.html (East Boston) 111 Chelsea St Boston, MA 02128 Phone number(617) 567-9871 Why it’s great: With a casual atmosphere and a quick walk from Airport station, this is – according to many blogs, and Zagat – the best pizza in Boston. The only two items on their menu is pizza and grilled meat, what more could you ask for? CASH ONLY Angela’s Café http://angelascafeboston.com/ 131 Lexington St Boston, MA 02128 Phone number(617) 567-4972 Why it’s great: A friendly and casual atmosphere filled with locals, Angela’s serves some of the best Mexican in East Boston. They also have a killer breakfast menu. Don’t leave without trying the Chilaquiles. KO Pies at the Shipyard http://kocateringandpies.com 256 Marginal St Boston, MA 02128 Phone number(617) 418-5234 Why it’s great: This Australian meat pie restaurants is truly a hidden gem. Located on the harbor directly across from the city, the restaurant offers views of the whole city of Boston. The beer option is great, but KO Pies is most easily enjoyable during the summer, when you can sit outside on a picnic bench and enjoy the hot, flaky and flavorful goodness that is a KO Pie. New Saigon http://www.yelp.com/biz/new-saigon-boston 985 Bennington St Boston, MA 02128 Phone number(617) 561-6500 Why … Read more

Meet Molly, our new Host Family Coordinator!

Molly, introduce yourself: Hey! I’m Molly! I am from Middlebury, VT (the second least populated state in the country) and I graduated last May from Mount Holyoke College in western Massachusetts with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. I studied for a semester in Muscat, Oman with SIT and lived with an Omani host family. My whole time spent in Oman was incredible, but I think my most memorable experience was attending a family wedding one of the first weekends I was there. It was located in rural Oman, where the culture is still very prevalent and I learned about dozens of fascinating traditions the whole weekend. Where is your favorite place in Boston? My favorite part of Boston is the esplanade along Storrow Drive – it’s a long walk-way for pedestrians only right along the Charles, and there are tons of spots to sit and read a book or just look at the sailing boats. What is your most memorable moment at EC Boston so far? My most memorable moment at EC so far has been speaking with students on their first day and then running into them a week or two later and already noticing an incredible improvement in their speaking. EC teachers are doing a great job! Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I am a twin! Her name is Clara, we are fraternal, and she is a preschool teacher in Middlebury. She is the coolest person I know! Welcome to the team, Molly!  === EC Bristol offers various English Courses, including IELTS tests in Bristol.  

EC Boston student Juah Bae reports on the best homestay!

If you want to improve your English in Boston and feel scared to adapt to new circumstances, I recommend you live in a home stay. Your host family will be able to recommend nice places and activities, explain how to live in America, and help you feel comfortable.   Homestay can help students feel relieved and can also help their parents since students have a protector unlike students who live alone. When you get off a plane, maybe you feel nervous and embarrassed as everywhere is unfamiliar with you and you are alone in foreign country. However, I did not feel that. The first day when I came here, Angela, my host mother, explained to me about her house and Boston. Also, my roommates suggested me to go out together. They showed me how to use public transportation, and how to go to school and downtown. They became my friends, so if you feel uncomfortable making new friends, it can be also good choice to live in home stay. The most thankful thing I have been experiencing is that I chose homestay. Because of the choice, I met lots of roommates who are always my dear friends and I got used to living in America easier than others. Juah Bae Juah Bae stayed with one of our host families during her stay in Boston. EC Boston’s host family program is a bit different from many schools, our Host Family Coordinator Rebecca Engle personally develops relationships with every host family and has worked with many families for two or three years. She helps to match students to families they will love!

Woonyong Ko’s Experience at EC Boston English School

Student Woonyong Ko writes a few words about the EC Boston experience: It’s been almost 3 months since I started English classes in Boston. Before I came to Boston, I felt a little nervous; I think everyone who has no experience to go abroad feels the same way as me. However, my host mother, Niki, made me feel comfortable by letting me inside her home. She always cares about our health when she makes meals for us, which is the biggest reason to want to stay in her house. Furthermore, when I talk with her and other students, she always tries to listen to what we are saying very carefully, even though our speaking skills are far from perfect. So if you prepare for living in homestay but hesitate to decide it, just try! Speaking is formed by making mistakes.   And lots of students who choose to come to Boston have almost the same reason; the  academic atmosphere in Boston makes me more motivated to study English. That’s true. I guarantee that comparing with other EC schools located in other states, EC Boston has us concentrate to study not just English but other things as well. Come to Boston! And if you see me, please let me know 🙂 Woonyong Ko  

From Switzerland to Boston: My Second Home

My name is Alexandra Winter, I’m 21 years old and I live Switzerland. Two years ago I got the opportunity to spend three months in the city of Boston and meanwhile take the Cambridge Exam course at EC. Although in my opinion choosing the right destination and school is a very important issue for every language stay, to find the right place where you are going to live while staying in a foreign country might just be as essential. EC Boston offers various options such as apartments, student residencies or home stays. For me it was never a question that I wanted to live with a family in order to experience the American lifestyle every day and I can honestly say that I could not have stayed at a better place than the Nappi family. From the first day on, their house was like my second home to me and they truly gave me the feeling to be a part of their family. Without a doubt, they made my stay as amazing as possible. I experienced daily family dinners, birthday parties, amazing trips to New Hampshire, sunny days on the boat or at the beach (which is just down the road from there beautiful house) and much, much more. These are just a few examples of countless wonderful memories I have of my time with them. So it probably will not surprise you if I say that I decided to come back to Boston again this year and visit my American family. Just like before they made my time in America unforgettable and I enjoyed every day. I must say that the Nappis are a wonderful and warm family and I want to thank them for everything they have done for me. Especially Kristina was always there for me and … Read more