EC Guest Lecture Series – All About Hawaii!

by Tiare Niland Where will your English studies take you? As a current EC Boston intern teacher from Hawaii, I’d like to share about my state’s unique culture with you! There will be an upcoming EC Guest Lecture on Wednesday, February 27th 2016 in room 612 during the lunch at 11:50am! It’s free for all to attend and will feature interesting information about food, traditions and fun activities, as well as general trivia. For instance, did you know that Hawaii actually consists of 8 unique islands? Give your mind a vacation from the cold winter weather and learn more about the beautiful and warm Aloha state! As you can see, one of the best things about English is that it is used everywhere in the United States. The knowledge and experience you gain from your time spent in Boston can be taken with you anywhere! EC also has a number of other great schools all over the country to help you meet your learning goals. You can start your exploration today by browsing our English Language Courses in the USA! It will open up a world of possibilities for you.

AY Lecture Series: Harvard University by Jennifer Lacano

Yesterday, students at EC Boston had the pleasure of attending a lecture by EC Boston’s very own Academic Year Coordinator, Jennifer Lacano. The presentation, which was part of EC Boston’s AY Lecture Series, was about Jennifer’s alma mater, Harvard University. The presentation opened with a brief introduction to Harvard which included basic facts about the school. For example, did you know that it was established in 1636 making it the oldest establishment of higher education in the United States? Jennifer took the students through the history behind the school’s name, its original purpose as a training school for ministers, and its growing reputation and emphasis on scholarship and research leading to its eventual rise to become one of the most prestigious universities in the world. (To think that for students taking ESL classes in Boston, this historical and prestigious place is practically their next door neighbor!) A large portion of the presentation focused on student life at Harvard, such as the student demographics, the various housing options that are offered at the school and even how the graduation ceremony is conducted. Jennifer herself was involved in various groups during her studies such as the Kuumba Singers Gospel Choir, Harvard Model Congress, and Harvard Model Congress Europe. The academics portion was a noteworthy segment of the presentation. Jennifer broke down the semester structure including the approximate number of courses per semester, the number of semesters per year, and the electives offered at Harvard to undergraduates. She also explained Harvard’s well-known, highly selective admissions process, rigorous course structure, and the different types of degrees Harvard offers (Jennifer’s concentration was Social Studies with a focus on Anthropology). The students also enjoyed hearing about some famous superstitions and interesting stories surrounding Harvard: The Statue of the Three Lies, Widener Library, Johnston Gate, and Primal Scream. … Read more

Tips for Becoming a Better English Reader

How do you feel about reading in English? Are you scared and nervous? Does it take you a very long time to finish reading something? Here are some tips for you to help you become a better reader in the English Language! Reading in your native language and reading in English should not be very different! You can use the same strategies! When you read, first ask yourself, “Why?” If you are reading to find specific information, you can just scan If you are reading to find the main idea, you can just skim If you are reading for fun, you can take your time When you read, you must put your dictionary away! When you use your dictionary while reading, you can’t understand the story! Using your dictionary when you are in the middle of a sentence will make you forget the sentence. You will have to read the same sentence again, which will slow you down. Try to understand the meaning of the paragraphs without looking in the dictionary Use the sentences before and after to help you understand the meaning of new words If you are reading to find the main idea, knowing every word is not important! If you can’t understand a word from the context of the paragraph, finish reading first, then look-up the word in your dictionary. Reading faster can actually improve your comprehension! Reading slowly, focusing on every word can distract you from the main point Reading faster can help you see main ideas Check your habits; Do you: Say the words in your mind when you read? Follow the words with your finger or pen? Read every word ? Use your dictionary in every sentence? If these describe your reading, you must STOP! Making the sounds of words is not necessary to … Read more

Discovering The Many Neighborhoods of Boston – Fenway/Kenmore

Fenway is famous for being the home  of Fenway Park (where the Boston Red Sox play), the famous Citgo sign, Museum of Fine Arts, The Landmark Center, and Kenmore Square. This area of the city is named after the Fenway, a main thoroughfare laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted. This area is also home to many of Boston’s universities such as The Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Northeastern University, the New England Conservatory,  Berklee College of Music, The Boston Conservatory, Massachusetts College of Art, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Simmons College, Wheelock College, and Emmanuel College just to name a few. Speaking of universities, EC Boston has partnerships with many of the above listed colleges! Come swing by the front desk to learn more about our University Foundation Program with helps students apply to many of the colleges listed above as well as others throughout the city. You can access the Fenway/Kenmore area by the Green T Line – Kenmore Station, Museum of Fine Arts, of Fenway stops.

Nichols College Information Session

On Tuesday, September 15 a representative from Nichols College will visit EC Boston to answer questions about the college, and business schools and American colleges in general.  Students can learn English and get practice listening while they ask questions about American business schools!  Nichols College is a business-focused college that offers traditional and accelerated MBAs, as well as undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Economics,  Finance,  Human Resource Management, Marketing,  Sports management, and many other majors. Nichols also offers a combined Bachelors/MBA degree in only 5 years, and the best news of all (especially in this job market) is that in 2008, 95% of Nichols graduates were employed in their major within 6 months of graduation.  If you’re looking to get an MBA, or even interested in another major related to business, this is your chance to find out everything you need to know about business school in the US!  Plus, if you’re learning English here at EC  and want to apply to Nichols, you can take advantage of EC Boston’s University Access Program, which lets you apply to one of our university partners without taking the TOEFL!

April Lecture Series — Tango!

EC Boston’s monthly Lecture Series is designed to expose students to regular American life outside the school.  For each lecture, Bostonians come in and talk about their lives, their jobs, or something they’re passionate about.  These speakers are interesting people but they’re NOT teachers, so students will be challenged by real English spoken at a normal conversational speed.  Academic Year students are required to attend and participate in the discussion to earn their certificate, but any students can come and listen in! In April, a local couple demonstrated the famous dance known as the Tango, and the students got into the act as well, practicing the spicy steps and graceful movements that make this dance one of the most entrancing in the world.