Union Oyster House

3 more of the best in Boston with Kazuki

Hi again! It’s me, Kazuki, and I’m back already with another ‘3 of the best in Boston’. This time I have three of my personal favorites. When I go back to Japan, these three places will be some of my fondest memories. If you’re thinking about Learning English Abroad, maybe these three places will help you decide that Boston is the best city for you! Charles River Esplanade This is the largest river in Boston. From some bridges like Harvard bridge and Longfellow bridge, you can watch the magnificent landscape. At the river, there are some activities. On July 4th, for example, it’s Independence Day so Boston’s finest fireworks display is held here. I went, and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Also, you can ride a canoe or kayak if the weather is good.   Skywalk Observatory This is an observation deck on the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower, which is the highest building in Boston. When you arrive at the top of the building, you can overlook the whole city of Boston — all those other incredible sights in Boston, you can see them from 50 stories high! At the base of Prudential Tower, there is the Prudential Center. This is a shopping center and you can find many popular brands like Ralph Lauren, Canada Goose and Under Armor.   Union Oyster House This is a restaurant, but it’s not just any restaurant! It’s said that this was born in 1826 and previous American president, John F Kennedy, had visited here and a booth called “Kennedy booth” was made for him. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s the oldest restaurant in America. The single oldest one! Therefore, this is another very historical site to see in Boston. You can enjoy seafoods like lobster, oyster and salmon. Next to … Read more

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

3 of the best in Boston with Kazuki

Hello, it’s Kazuki here! Did you know that Massachusetts is the first place in America where the Europeans settled? And, it’s the first place in America where EC settled! Although Boston may be smaller than other major cities like Los Angels and New York, Boston has a whole host of places and activities which are only in Boston. Today, I’m starting a series of posts called ‘3 of the best in Boston’. Freedom Trail If you’re ever walking through the streets of Boston and you see a line of red bricks on the ground, it means you’ve found the Freedom Trail! Almost all of the famous buildings in Boston were established in 17, 18 or 19 centuries so these have long history. Like history? Love Boston. You can visit many historical buildings by walking on the line of the Freedom Trail. It’s a path through Boston which allows you to visit many of the famous buildings. Many people turn this into a fun day trip with family or friends!   Museum of Fine Arts This museum is one of the largest museums in the United States. There are not only American arts but also major art pieces from all over the world. For example, there is European art, Asian art, Ancient African art and Oceanian arts. More than just the art, the building itself is a sight to behold. Moreover, in this museum, there are restaurants and a gift shop so you can enjoy this all day, and buy a souvenir to remember your trip! University Tours for Harvard and MIT These are two of the most prestigious universities in the world. And, they both have long and fascinating histories. Actually, Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. You can participate in the university tour where a … Read more

Boston Public Library Reading Room

Boston Public Library – A Fantastic Resource for Students

The Boston Public Library is a fantastic resource for anybody and everybody! Founded in 1848 — over 170 years ago — Boston Public Library is the third largest library in the United States. It holds around 24 million volumes! And more than just how useful it is, look how beautiful it is! There are not many places in the USA where you can see such old and beautiful architecture. While it was founded in 1848, it was renovated in 2016, which makes it a real sight to behold. You have the combination of sublime, classical architecture with modern offerings and amenities. In fact, there is so much just to look at in the library, that they have a very popular library tour! The tour takes around 90 minutes to complete because there is just so much to look at. Old paintings, murals, sculptures, marble staircases, and don’t forget — books! Speaking of books, the library lent out over 4 million of them last year! There is a huge variety of books, not only in English, but also in your native language, too! Further, there are plenty of online resources, computers, printers, and anything else you could need to assist you in learning English. The library has an excellent location. It’s in Back Back, right next to Copley station on the Green Line. That means you can get there in around 15 minutes from the school. Even better, it’s adjacent to Boston’s nicest shopping street, so you can study and shop all in the same afternoon — perfect! What more could you ask for when you’re thinking about Language study in Boston? What’s more, if you’re interested in studying at the library, students who live in either of our two residences get an extra treat! For our North End Residence, in … Read more