Lead Teacher Rick

‘What’s Your Favorite?’ with Lead Teacher Rick

This morning, our Lead Teacher here at EC English Boston looked very busy in his office. So I told him, stop what you’re doing for just a moment and have a chat with me! Rick is a Detroit, MI native, but he is now proud to call Boston home. He and his wife recently bought their first house together here — congratulations! I asked Rick just a few questions about his favorite things in Boston.     What’s your favorite thing about teaching at EC? There are so many wonderful things about teaching here. The school has an excellent location, right in the heart of the city. Our classrooms have fantastic technology and resources. I work alongside many teachers who have been at the school for 5, 6, 7, even 8 years. But, I would have to say, the best thing about teaching here is the students themselves! We have students from all so many different countries and backgrounds, all different ages, and seeing them teach things to each other in the classroom makes my job so much better. And easier!   What’s your favorite thing do do with your family in Boston? I’m a big fan of Piers Park in East Boston, to tell you the truth. As you know, my daughter, Emma, is 17 months old, so she loves getting out and about in the nice weather. At Piers Park, you’re right there at the harbor with that ocean breeze keeping you call and the beautiful view of the Boston skyline. We go there for a picnic about once a month, I’d say. There’s a big playground in the park, so Emma can run around and enjoy herself.   What’s your favorite thing to do alone in Boston? Honestly, I like just walking around the city. There’s just … Read more

Welcome EC Boston’s New Intern Ran

Here are a few words from our new intern, Ran! “My name is Ran and I’m from Japan. I am doing an internship with Katie and Inga at EC Boston for two months. I was surprised how chilly Boston is, but EC staff, teachers and students warmly welcomed me 🙂 I’m a university student studying cross-cultural communication and English teaching training course in Japan. The aim of my visit is to discover American’s diversity and English Learning methods as a second language. Also, I am interested in developing my business English skills and learning more about EC, its structure and staff responsibilities.”  

November’s Staff Member of the Month: James Francis!

  In the month of November, we had two Staff Member(s) of the Month! The other winner was our Director of Studies, James Francis! You can find James in the Academic Office located on the 5th Floor ready to answer questions students may have about anything related to their studies. Whether it be about books, IELTS or TOEFL tests, improving certain skills, changing classes and the list goes on, James is always there to help a student or teacher in need. In November, James went the extra mile and had a can-do mindset. If you see him around the school, be sure to congratulate James on being November’s Staff Member of the Month! Learn more about Intensive English courses in Boston.

November’s Staff Member of the Month: Doris Domingo!

Congratulations to our October Staff Member of the Month…Doris Domingo!   Doris joined us this past September as an Administrative Intern here at EC Boston. Doris is from Spain, but has lived in many countries aside from Spain and the USA. She can speak Spanish, French, a little bit of Portuguese and, of course, English! You can usually find her at the Front Desk ready to answer any questions or help any student that needs assistance. This month, Doris went the extra mile and had a can-do mindset. If you see her in the school, be sure to congratulate Doris on being November’s Staff Member of the Month! Do you want to study in the USA to learn English? Consider EC Boston as your destination! We are located right in Faneuil Hall, a top Boston destination for visitors.