EC Boston group attends Shen Yun performance

A group of EC Boston students and staff went to see Shen Yun Chinese dance performance company this week. Shen Yun is a very important cultural dance company, describing itself as “the essence of 5000 years of Chinese Culture”. Their dance tradition is rooted in Falun Gong spiritual prac … Read more

Biking in Boston

It can often be difficult to get around in Boston, especially as an international student. But as the warmer weather approaches, there is a wonderful alternative to the subways, walking and the complicated process of getting an international driver’s license and car- you can buy or rent a bicycle. B … Read more

Journey into a Black Hole!

The EC Boston TOEFL class jumped into black holes by reading about astronomy, watching and discussing a short documentary, and writing about an experience inside one of the most mind boggling theories in the universe. Have fun reading their accounts, and visit the Planetarium to learn more about spa … Read more

Up at 2 am: Student study culture and ESL schools

Have you ever pulled an ‘all nighter’ (a night where you stay up till the morning doing homework, and then go right back to class)? Many students in American universities are known to use this technique to accomplish large amounts of (varying quality) work in a short time frame. This practice has be … Read more

Making friends around the world: Minji Cho

I really want to recommend taking English classes in Boston to my friends and to other Korean students. My host mom was really nice, she would definitely try to help students if they had some problems.  She also tried to teach some useful English skills to students, and sometimes hangout with us, or … Read more