Student Testimonial – Nawaf

One of our students, Nawaf, just graduated. He had been here at EC Boston since April, 2018 — that’s a pretty long time! But in that time, he went on a fantastic journey from pre-intermediate all the way up to proficient. That’s right, he went all the way from the B1 to the C2 level. And that’s not all, he was a student ambassador, he was heavily involved in our EC Boston Volunteer Club, and — maybe most importantly — he had a wonderful experience as he learned English. See what he had to say below: I’m Nawaf, a student by trade. I’ve been here close on 17 months, starting at pre-intermediate and eventually, I reached proficiency, then graduated. Never have i regretted my decision to study at EC Boston. Firstly, the staff were highly qualified and genuinely nice. Not only that but also the chance to meet wonderful friends from all over the world, which provided me the perfect atmosphere to brush up what I’ve learned in school. Another thing worth mentioning is the activities. They set up a fascinating environment to make friendships and let me get the most out of my time in Boston. Well, I’ve had a good run at EC, and now I’ve been accepted into Arizona State University. So, my new plan is to see through my studies in mechanical engineering. So, I really recommend everyone not to hesitate about coming to EC Boston. Clearly, Nawaf was very happy with his time here at EC English Boston. When he goes off to Arizona State University next semester, we wish him the best of luck. And, what’s more, we hope he remembers us here at EC Boston, and we hope he remembers all of the skills we taught him! If I ever need a mechanical … Read more

My EC Story: Marta

“I am Marta and I’m from Spain. I’ve studied at EC for 5 months! I lived in the North End apartments for the duration of my stay and the location was my favorite part (less than 10 min walk to the school). The neighborhood is called little Italy and it is very nice and quiet. There is a great deal of restaurants and a really good atmosphere. EC is unique because of the community and making friends from other countries. Boston is an amazing city and has many young students. For those of you trying to study English, I would recommend you to always strive to improve and never give up. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, but you will get a great reward when you achieve it successfully. Thank you EC Boston!” – Marta  Click here to find out more about the English courses in Boston and how you too can embark on a learning English adventure.

My EC Story: Geovanny

1.Hi Geovanny! You have been at EC for a few months. How is your experience so far? I have been studying at EC Boston around four months and I have met a lot of new friends from other nationalities, definitively has been the most exciting experience in my life.   2.What level did you start with and where are you now? My first level was Intermediate and now I’m in Advance level. I have learned and improved my English extraordinarily during this time. Teachers and all the staff are very professional, they do the best for you. Thus, you will have an excellent learning experience.   3.How is your experience as a student ambassador? My experience as a student ambassador has been awesome, because I like helping the students in EC and encourage them to speak in English, Also share extra time with them and be their friend has been incredible. Also, always all sorts of suggestions are welcome to improve together 🙂   4.What is your favorite part about living in Boston? My favorite part of living in Boston has been attending the different sports games. For example, one of my favorite activities has been attending an NBA Celtics game at the TD Garden Arena! it’s awesome and in my opinion I like this team since I was a child and had seen them play has been one of my dreams.   5.What advice can you give someone who is trying to learn English? My advice is that you should practice your English all the time in different situations, inside and outside the school. Your incredible teachers will help you, and keep practicing with your friends. Also, follow and be encouraged from the success of other students! Get ready to enjoy one of the best experience in your life!!

Goodbye Dani and Molly

Hello, everyone. It’s with heavy hearts that we would like to announce the departure of two amazing members from the EC Boston team: Molly and Dani. Though we are sad to see them go, both will be moving on to great things. Both Molly and Dani are hardworking and exceptional at what they do, and we will miss them! Here are some words from both Molly and Dani: “Hi everyone! I’m Molly and I am the Regional Student Services Coordinator for EC USA. I used to work as a Student Services Coordinator for Boston before I became the regional coordinator, and often help out at the front desk when I’m not traveling to other EC schools. In about a week however, I will be moving on to Los Angeles to take on the position of Student Services Manager! I have loved working in Boston for these last three years, first as host family coordinator, then as accommodations coordinator, after that as Student Services Coordinator and finally as Regional Student Services Coordinator. My favorite part about the Boston school is the great sense of community that students experience while they are here. Our superb teachers and staff help to build that atmosphere, and our long term students sustain it! Thank you for being an amazing environment to work in, I will miss you all, and come visit me in sunny (and warm) Los Angeles! XXOX  -Molly   Dear EC, This is a weird position for me to be in. I’ve gotten used to saying goodbye to my students as they inevitably graduate and leave, often to the other side of the world, but this is the first time in the two and a half years that I’ve been at EC that I have had to say goodbye to you because I’m … Read more

Meet Takashi from Japan: EC Boston’s New intern!

  Meet Takashi, our new intern from Japan! He joined our team last week and will be staying with us until March. You can find him at the front desk or helping out with an activity around the school. Please don’t hesitate to ask Takashi questions or just introduce yourself. Here is what Takashi would like to share with you all about himself and his experience at EC Boston so far:   “My name is Takashi Nogami. Please call me Takashi. I’m from Japan. In Japan, I’m a university student, and I major in finance. What kind of finance? I study coping with the sources of funding and the capital structures of companies and corporations. I love music. I play some instruments and my hobby is composing music. If you want to play music in the school, please tell me. We can visit music studios in Boston together. As an intern here at EC Boston, I will be helping out in the administration office. I will be in Boston until March, 2017 So far, I think this school has not only many insightful and intellectual classes, but also many enjoyable activities. If you choose this school, you will be satisfied with your experience. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll try to solve problems to the best of my ability.”   Learn more about English classes in Boston.

Meet Mariana from Brazil: EC Boston’s New Student Ambassador!

My name is Mariana, but you can call me Mari. I’m from Brazil and I’m older than you can imagine, but that is only one minor detail. 🙂 I have lived in Boston since last August and I will stay here until July, 2017. It will be almost one year of incredible experiences and a lot of learning. As a new student, it’s important to learn more than just a new language, but this part I will let you discover for yourself. I love animals, especially pets, and I’m also very passionate about photography and music. At the moment, one of my favorite hobbies is learning about new cultures and tasting foods from all different countries. If you need some help or tips, please let me know! My wish for you is that you enjoy your stay in Boston as much as you can! Learn more about English classes in Boston.

My EC Boston Experience – By Ray C. of Taiwan

Lap Quoc Luong of Taiwan (you may know him as Ray C) recently graduated from EC and will fly back to Taiwan today. Ray was a student here since March of last year and has gone from our Elementary level to Upper Intermediate. He served as a Student Ambassador and was well-known around the school for always planning fun dinners and outings for students, teachers and staff to take part in. He was also known for being a foodie and introducing everyone to good restaurants and unique dishes! We will truly miss his humor, energy and kindness around the school. Here is what Ray wanted to share about his experience at EC Boston, complete with a funny short story about an early experience trying to order a coffee in English at the local Starbucks. Enjoy!   I remember the first time I came to Boston. I couldn’t speak any English. I only knew the most basic words and expressions. I really appreciate the teachers at EC Boston for helping me. I’ve improved my English a lot. Coming here meant not just merely learning English. I have also made many friends who come from different countries. I’ve learned lots of interesting aspects of their cultures. I’m really delighted to have met them and I have had so much fun at EC Boston. I want to share about one of the funniest experiences I had in Boston with you. A few months ago, one day I woke up early because I had a morning class. That day, I was very tired so I needed a coffee. I went to Quincy Market to buy a coffee. This is what happened: Clerk: What is your name? Me: My name is Ray. Clerk: Sorry, what is your name? Me: My name is Ray. I also spelled out my name … Read more

Olivia Du Pasquier of Switzerland Talks About Her #ECExperience

  Olivia Du Pasquier came to EC Boston the first week of January this year. She studied in our Intensive English program as well as the Intensive TOEFL Preparation program. Olivia is known by the students, teachers and staff for her outgoing personality and sense of humor. As a Student Ambassador, Olivia helped kicked off the summer season by taking students kayaking on the Charles River and helped welcome the new students every Monday. Her last day was on Friday and she is already missed in the halls of EC Boston! Here is what Olivia had to say about her EC experience before she left: I’m Olivia Du Pasquier and I’m from Switzerland. I have been in Boston for almost 6 months and, unfortunately, I’m leaving soon. I’m living in the EC apartment in the North End – it’s pretty lovely and comfy and the neighborhood is just perfect. Moreover, I really like the people I’m sharing the apartment with. At EC, I improved my English and I met a lot of wonderful people at the same time. Students, teachers from all around the world, and also people from the staff who are really friendly and helpful. I’m so glad to be here and I hope the new students will have an experience at EC Boston as awesome as mine. Thank you, Olivia, for all of your hard work for the past 6 months. We wish you all the best!

Meet Our New Academic Intern: Thu Nguyen from Vietnam

By Thu Nguyen Hi guys, my name is Thu, I am the new intern at EC English Boston from Jan, 2016. I am working at the Academic Office on the 5th Floor. My main job is helping the Academic team with everything related to the student , so if you have any question, you can ask me^^. This is the first time I have come to US and the first impression was all about the cold , as I come from Vietnam, one of South East Asia country, we have never had the cold winter like Boston, but until now I can handle it, fortunately.  I would say it is a very great chance for me to learn and experience the US culture and working environment at EC Boston. I hope you feel the same as me when you learn here :), So let’s start to learn and enjoy Boston!!! Learn more about English courses in the USA.

Not “goodbye”, just “see you soon!”

By Bryn Keating On Friday we said “see you soon” to our Assistant Director of Studies, Bryn Keating. Bryn will now be serving as the Director of Studies at EC New York! We are so proud of her and will miss her very much here in Boston! Read below to see what she would like to share with all of the staff and students about her experience at EC Boston! Today is my last day working at EC Boston, as I’m transferring to EC New York next week. Although I am excited about my new position in a new city, I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel a good deal of sadness over leaving this very special office in this very special city. EC Boston has been good to me. I’ve had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world, and their insights and enthusiasm have helped me as an educator grow (and laugh) in the three and half years I’ve worked here. I will carry with me stories of classes and students both current and long gone for the rest of my life. Another one of the best aspects of working here has been the supportive and lively fourth floor staff. It will be hard in New York not to see Nikita’s smiling face or hear Molly’s bubbling laugh. Although separated by different floors, I have relied on the student services and operations team not only to figure out professional puzzles but also to brighten my day and put up with my foolishness. Nikita, Molly, Doris, Marlayna, and Kevin – I will miss you guys so much! And, finally, I’d like to talk about the Academic staff. I have been very lucky to find a community of dedicated educators who have continued to awe me … Read more