A goodbye from Ayaka!

Hello, everyone. It’s Ayaka. Finally, this is my last day at EC Boston. I wish I could stay here forever… I’ve been here for four months, and I’ve had many precious memories. I’m writing this so that I can share some memories with you and keep it as a memory. When I first came to EC Boston, all I could say were these three word, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Stephen”. I really hated my English,  I have a Japanese accent, which makes it much harder for you to understand me. While I’m speaking English, even I can see many mistakes with my English. But thanks to teachers and staff, I came to be able to speak with confidence gradually. They always corrected my English, worked on accents reduction with me. Thanks to them, I improved my English more than I expected.  To be honest, I’ve thought I wanted to quit this intern and go back to Japan many times. I cried out behind front desk a thousand of times, and felt like I wasn’t doing the best job that I could. However, the reason why I could stay here for four months is everyone. They have been very nice to me for whole four months. When I’m at front desk with them, I always laugh at their jokes. If they weren’t them, I couldn’t finish my intern in Boston. I also want to say all students thank you. In the morning, when students said good morning to me, I felt happy to be at front desk. In the lunch time, many students stopped by at front desk, and talked to me many things, about class rooms, teachers, students and their lives.   After the class, I joined in many activity with students and shared amazing time with them. I didn’t … Read more

Ayaka’s Wonderful Host Family Experience!

Hi, everyone. It’s Ayaka. I’ve been living with my host mother as many students do. After having lived with her, I realized how wonderful living with host family is, so I’m telling you what it’s like. When I started to live with her, it had been passed five months since I came to this country. I really missed my country, family, friends. But since I lived with her, she treats me like as her child, I always feel like I have a a mother in here. When I go back home and see her, she always says “how was your school today?” She knows I’m a Japanese and I like white rice, so she often makes it for me. When I’m tired, she really cares about me. When I’m depressed, she listens to me and gives me some advice. When I study English at home, she praises me up and teaches me some words. I had lived with another host mother in New York, and I cannot say all of host families are good. But one thing I can say is my host mother is the best ever. After I came to this country, I experienced living alone and living with some roommates. Both of them were really good experiences for me. However, I strongly recommend you live with host family. You can improve your English skills while having fun and you can experience American culture. When you are at home, you always feel warm.  I’m a super lucky person that I can live with her, and I really appreciate that Stephen sent me to her house.

Welcoming Ayaka, to learn English and to intern for EC in Boston!

EC Boston has a new intern! While we always love our interns, Ayaka has especially stood out as a great intern, and she’s been an incredible asset at our school! She’s come to Boston to learn more English and she’s already impressed with her level of English! Today’s she’s written a post to introduce herself: Hello, everyone!  If I haven’t met you yet, I’m Ayaka. I’m the new intern, and I’m from Japan. When I lived in Japan, I was a university student, and my major was international relations and developments. I came this country in July, and I spent last 3 months in New York. Some people don’t like that city, but I love that. Over 4 months, I will devote myself to improving my English so that I can talk to and help you. Besides, I would like to go various places in Boston with making full use of Charlie Card. Even though I’m indoor person, I will try to do as many fun Boston activities as possible. Would you like to be like Ayaka an improve your English in Boston? Check out our website to see if you want to learn English in Boston.

Ayaka’s Coworkers!

As a part of a series, Ayaka will talk about her co-workers at the front desk, Rick and Stephen! Rick, the Lead Teacher, has been with EC for 5 years, while Stephen, our Student Services Coordinator, has been with EC for a little over a year. Ayaka is learning a lot from her two American colleagues at the front desk and will share what she thinks about them! Rick Cushing First of all, his daughter, Emma, is really adorable. You should see pictures of her. His wife is also beautiful, I understood where Emma’s cuteness came from. There are two things that he really loves in the world, as I told you, one is his daughter Emma. The other thing is coffee. He has coffee addiction. Usually, he drinks 2 or 3 cups of coffee perhour. Obviously, he has a problem. Even though I’ve never seen he is mad, when we run out of coffee, I’m really worried if his mood isn’t bad.  Every morning, his work starts from making fun of Stephen with me. He has a great sense of humor. He is the best teacher ever! Stephen McCarthy As some of you know I really like him. While he was in Spain on his vacation, I h missed him very much and I was not happy every day. Now, he is at front desk and I’m happy. If you are at front desk for few minutes, you will come to realize how great he is and why I like him very much. Every single details in his life is so funny, even if he doesn’t try to ve funny. Also, his biggest strength is being a  hard-worker. Before I started my internship in here, I hadn’t had any idea about his job. However after that, I was shocked … Read more

Study English in Boston and Discover How to Boost Your Career

  Did you know that Boston is home to two of the world’s most prestigious universities? Being the birthplace of Harvard University and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – says a lot about local education and studying English in Boston is a great option for those looking to invest in a career. A destination for students from all over the world, the capital of Massachusetts is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, and certainly the perfect destination for those looking to invest in skills and enter the international job market. If this is your goal, see where to start! Investing in English is the first step towards your professional qualification One of the secrets to succeeding in new projects, be they education or career-oriented, is to start them on a solid footing. If your dream is to study abroad and the focus is on your professional career, but you are not fluent in English yet, then this is your first step. Aim to study at Harvard or another university that has the course you need to conquer your industry and set a goal that’s achievable. Look for English schools and courses that provide you with the means to develop your language skills, even if it means starting from scratch.   Study English to pass proficiency exams Boston, as we mentioned, is the destination for students who come from all over the world seeking professional qualifications and no wonder. In all, the city has more than 100 universities, among them the best in the country. Students will need to pass a entrance exams to take a college course, abroad is no different. Universities have protocols that must be adhered to in order for students to be accepted. Steps in the process include English proficiency exams, … Read more

Downtown Boston

The Advantages of an Academic English Course in Boston

Boston is known all over the world for being home to prestigious universities, such as MIT and Tufts, and the most famous of all, Harvard. Considering this, it’s not difficult to see how Boston is not only home to thousands of students, both local and international, but is also a city oriented to the acad emic world. Therefore, we believe that Boston is the ideal destination for those looking to spend an academic semester or year learning English. Today we will tell you what the advantages are of taking English courses in Boston and the activities that you’ll start once you are in this charming city.   Learn with Other College-Focused Students Many EC Boston students take the Academic English course to access universities in the United States, or simply to open doors to future possibilities. In addition, through the free language workshops and social activities offered by our EC Boston school, you can make friends with students from other levels and other courses. Thus, you can practice your language skills not only inside but also outside of class! A lotof our students decide to study together or walk around the city after class. Many of them also end up making friends with other local students, because in this great city one in three inhabitants is a student.     Take Your English Out of the Classroom Boston is not only a student nucleus, but also a political and cultural hub. Spending some afternoons at the famous Boston Public Library and also explore other key highlights of the city such as the Freedom Trail, a 4km route that takes you through 16 places important in US history. Or explore the imposing Charles River, which stretches through 58 cities! This allows you to learn more about the Boston’s culture and you’ll inevitably … Read more

EC Boston Goodbye Kazuki

Student Services Intern Kazuki Iwata Shares his Experience at EC Boston

Our Student Services Intern, Kazuki, is leaving on Friday to go back to Japan. Here’s his final blog post! Introduction First of all, if you want to know why I decided to start to work here and who I am, please watch old blog about myself. My internship program will finish on 9/13, Friday so I decided to write the last EC Blog about my experience. My Experience To tell the truth, when I started to work here, I had only anxiousness. Despite of no knowledges about EC Boston, I wondered whether I can break the ice with staffs and students. Of course, because of no knowledges, I thought that I cannot support students. However, EC staffs welcomed me warmly and taught me jobs kindly so it didn’t take much time to get used to EC Boston. When I was able to answer the students’ questions and students said to me “Thank you.”, I was very glad and felt the rewarding. Through not only working but also participating in staff activities and student activities, I found corporate culture. Especially, staff activity of Karaoke and Niagara Falls Tour were the most wonderful for me. They were very fantastic! Thanks for staffs, students and activities, I was able to make much precious memories. Conclusion I don’t know whether I contributed to EC Boston or not. Probably, I might have been only burden or annoyance of EC. However, I was able to do the precious experience here. I found many findings by experiencing not student’s side but staff’s and teacher’s side. After that, I’ll start to study in my Japanese university. Through this internship, I thought that I need to improve my English skills and want to work at the place which connects the United States and Japan. Moreover, internship in the United … Read more

Check it Out

Some Idioms and Phrases from Students in the Classroom

Back in summer, our front desk team at EC Boston made a couple of posts about idioms and phrases. Today, Michael is posting about some idioms that he has heard students using in his class so far in September. Michael teaches the Advanced (C1) class, so many of his students have been practicing these for a while now! The class spends most of their time and effort developing their ability to engage with ‘Complex Language to Express Complex Thought’, and this idea is practiced across the reading, listening, reading, and speaking skills. Sometimes, it’s appropriate for students to speak or write with a formal tone. However, sometimes students have to be informal, or colloquial, and this is when all of our idioms, slang terms, and interesting phrases come into play. So here are a few phrases that Michael was very impressed to overhear his students using recently:   ‘The funny thing is…’ Deeply engaged in the narrative tenses while telling a story yesterday’s lunch, Tomoya was able not only to fluently use this idiom, but also to switch very subtly to the present tense ‘is’, which just helped to bring his story to life. Sometimes we focus on speaking concisely and accurately, but Tomoya was able to really engage and entertain with his story – this is how he does it!   ‘Check it out…’ This one seems simple, but actually it can be really helpful in terms of tone. Basically, it means the same as ‘look at this’, but in the context of a conversation, it’s very soft and friendly. So, while you’re directly telling somebody what to do, the friendly nature of the idiom means that this could never be rude. Pretty useful! Felipe used this last week, and now everyone is at it!   ‘Better late than … Read more

Amtrak Boston

A Great Transportation for Students in Boston: Amtrak

Introduction Are you interested in traveling to another city, state or country? Language study in Boston is an excellent experience because, not only is Boston a great city, but it’s also close to other exciting places which you can visit from here. If you use the ISX travel, you can go there like New York and Washington D.C. by bus. However, if you go there individually, you can use the transportation other than buses. The long bus movement must make you so tired. Instead of buses, there is a comfortable train in the United states. Today, I’ll introduce you the third transportation in United states called “Amtrak”. What is Amtrak? Amtrak is one of the trains which runs all over the United States and parts of Canada like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls so if you take that, you can go wherever you like even from east to west. It runs not only urban cities like New York, Seattle, Philadelphia and Miami but also countryside like Montana, North Dakota and Kansas. The fastest speed of Amtrak is 150 mph (241 kph) and the average speed is 100mph (160kph) so some of you like European and Japanese who use usually Euro Star, TGV and Shinkansen feel it slow. Of course, the tickets are more expensive than buses. The charms of Amtrak Let’s compare Amtrak with greyhound bus. Greyhound bus is the bus which also runs all over the United States and part of Canada. Amtrak is more expensive than the buses. Moreover, it takes time to reach the destination. From Boston to New York, for example, Amtrak takes time as much as buses. It’s about 4 to 5 hours. However, Amtrak has charms buses don’t have, and charms that faster European and Japanese trains don’t have. First, the breadth of … Read more

Thanksgiving Turkey

Fall Events to Look Forward to in Boston Part 3

Hi, it’s Kazuki again with more posts about the fall season for those of you who want to learn english in boston. Maybe I saved the best until last! Thanksgiving In November, in TD Garden and Downtown, many events are held like basketball games, ice hockey games, concerts and theaters. People start getting into the seasonal spirit. On the last Thursday in November, there is a national holiday called Thanksgiving Day – officially America’s biggest annual celebration. Thanksgiving is a celebration of coming together and sharing with the people around you. It originates from a meeting a very long time ago between European settlers and Native Americans. Actually, Thanksgiving is becoming a controversial topic in the United States because of the history of this event, with growing support for the rights of Native American people. However, what is for certain is that this is still the biggest celebration in the country where families get together and experience what many would say is the most clear example of United States culture. In particular, students who stay with our wonderful host families (currently the highest-rated host families in all of EC!) get to experience this celebration with a real American family, and every year the students have so much fun. Also, Thanksgiving is famous for Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. This is the bargain day. You can receive much discount at almost all every shop and outlet like Newbury street, Assembly Row and Wrentham Outlet. Let’s get what you really want by using this day! It’s a well-known fact about America that people go crazy for Black Friday. For many of our students, this is a fascinating experience because it is completely unique to American culture. Many shops open very early for this day, and at the popular shops, hundreds … Read more