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Some Idioms and Phrases from Students in the Classroom

Back in summer, our front desk team at EC Boston made a couple of posts about idioms and phrases. Today, Michael is posting about some idioms that he has heard students using in his class so far in September. Michael teaches the Advanced (C1) class, so many of his students have been practicing these … Read more

Amtrak Boston

A Great Transportation for Students in Boston: Amtrak

Introduction Are you interested in traveling to another city, state or country? Language study in Boston is an excellent experience because, not only is Boston a great city, but it’s also close to other exciting places which you can visit from here. If you use the ISX travel, you can go there like N … Read more

Thanksgiving Turkey

Fall Events to Look Forward to in Boston Part 3

Hi, it’s Kazuki again with more posts about the fall season for those of you who want to learn english in boston. Maybe I saved the best until last! Thanksgiving In November, in TD Garden and Downtown, many events are held like basketball games, ice hockey games, concerts and theaters. People … Read more

Halloween Pumpkin

Fall Events to Look Forward to in Boston Part 2

Hello! So my last post was about Columbus Day. Now, I’m writing again with another fantastic thing for students to do in Boston this fall. We hope this make you excited to Study English in Boston!   Halloween Another exciting event in Boston is Halloween. Halloween is one of the largest c … Read more

Columbus Day Parade 1

Fall Events to Look Forward To in Boston Part 1

Hi there! It’s Kazuki. I’m going to make a few posts about exciting things which happen in the fall in Boston. Did you enjoy your summer in Boston? Although it was a hot summer, I felt it was relatively comfortable to stay here. Recently, it has started to get a little colder, and I&#821 … Read more


Students Paradise — Harvard and MIT

Well, here’s another great thing about heading out of the summer and into the fall at EC Boston. The university fall semester is going to begin! Do you want to hear a crazy fact about Boston? There are over 100 universities and colleges here! Over 100! And of course, the most famous ones would … Read more


Student Testimonial – Nawaf

One of our students, Nawaf, just graduated. He had been here at EC Boston since April, 2018 — that’s a pretty long time! But in that time, he went on a fantastic journey from pre-intermediate all the way up to proficient. That’s right, he went all the way from the B1 to the C2 leve … Read more

Downtown Boston

Downtown Boston — What Can Students Do Here?

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that Downtown Boston is just the financial district. Sure, it’s true that a whole host of big, global companies have their offices here. And sure, it’s true that many of the city’s skyscrapers are dedicated to big banking and accounta … Read more