Downtown Boston

Downtown Boston — What Can Students Do Here?

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that Downtown Boston is just the financial district. Sure, it’s true that a whole host of big, global companies have their offices here. And sure, it’s true that many of the city’s skyscrapers are dedicated to big banking and accounta … Read more

Union Oyster House

3 more of the best in Boston with Kazuki

Hi again! It’s me, Kazuki, and I’m back already with another ‘3 of the best in Boston’. This time I have three of my personal favorites. When I go back to Japan, these three places will be some of my fondest memories. If you’re thinking about Learning English Abroad, maybe these three places will he … Read more

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

3 of the best in Boston with Kazuki

Hello, it’s Kazuki here! Did you know that Massachusetts is the first place in America where the Europeans settled? And, it’s the first place in America where EC settled! Although Boston may be smaller than other major cities like Los Angels and New York, Boston has a whole host of places and activi … Read more

without further ado

Some of Our Students’ Favorite Phrases

Earlier in the month, our front desk team posted about their favorite idioms. Today, some of our English students wanted to share their phrases which they like to use in their speeches and presentations. Our students really enjoy these native-speaker expressions, and they’re really good at usi … Read more

Niagara Falls by Kazuki

Kazuki’s Trip to Niagara Falls with our Students

This summer, Kazuki, our intern, went on an ISX trip to Niagara falls! ISX is a company which runs fantastic trips for our students. Recently, student have enjoyed trips to places like New York City, Washington D.C., Providence, and Salem, as well as fun attractions like Six Flags and Boston Red Sox … Read more

Sunday Experience at Cheers

Our Sunday Experience for New Students

Here in Boston, we know it can be difficult for new students when they arrive. Sometimes, Boston and the USA are just so different form a student’s native country. And sometimes, the student has never traveled before! That’s why we put a big emphasis on the first weekend! We send a greet … Read more

Pot, Kettle, Black

English Idioms with Boston’s Front Desk Team

In our English Courses in Boston, we love teaching our students how to speak like native speakers. We teach different types of colloquial language, slang, phrasal verbs, and — our favorite — idioms! Michael, Stephen, and Olivia at the front desk have put together this post with each of t … Read more