Ayaka’s Coworkers!

As a part of a series, Ayaka will talk about her co-workers at the front desk, Rick and Stephen! Rick, the Lead Teacher, has been with EC for 5 years, while Stephen, our Student Services Coordinator, has been with EC for a little over a year. Ayaka is learning a lot from her two American colleagues at the front desk and will share what she thinks about them! Rick Cushing First of all, his daughter, Emma, is really adorable. You should see pictures of her. His wife is also beautiful, I understood where Emma’s cuteness came from. There are two things that he really loves in the world, as I told you, one is his daughter Emma. The other thing is coffee. He has coffee addiction. Usually, he drinks 2 or 3 cups of coffee perhour. Obviously, he has a problem. Even though I’ve never seen he is mad, when we run out of coffee, I’m really worried if his mood isn’t bad.  Every morning, his work starts from making fun of Stephen with me. He has a great sense of humor. He is the best teacher ever! Stephen McCarthy As some of you know I really like him. While he was in Spain on his vacation, I h missed him very much and I was not happy every day. Now, he is at front desk and I’m happy. If you are at front desk for few minutes, you will come to realize how great he is and why I like him very much. Every single details in his life is so funny, even if he doesn’t try to ve funny. Also, his biggest strength is being a  hard-worker. Before I started my internship in here, I hadn’t had any idea about his job. However after that, I was shocked … Read more

Student Activity Calendar: May 2019

Our May 2019 student activity calendar is up! We have many exciting activities and events planned for this month and hope you will join us. Some activities include a Harvard University tour, Prudential Skywalk visit, Mapparium, AMC movie night, and going to the Museum of Fine Arts. ISX is hosting many weekend trips this month including Salem Witch City, Six Flags, Niagara Falls, and New York City. As always, you can sign up for activities on EC Online or at the front desk with Stephen or Christina! Check out our website to see what courses and activities we offer each month https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-in-boston  

Students volunteer at homeless shelter

This week students from the EC Boston volunteer club went to help the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter. Pine Street Inn is a very large organization that offers aid for emergency services, permanent housing, and workforce development. The students served dinner to many people and spoke with them and volunteers at the facility. Everyone was very kind and appreciated our help. The volunteer club is eager to go back in the next weeks and help out more! If you would like to join the volunteer club, we meet every Wednesday at 2:30pm.  

Lorenzo’s Boston Recommendations

Today I want to talk about the best 5 activities to do in Boston: During a sunny day, there is nothing better to do than to walk through the streets and parks of the city, for example you can start from Quincy Market, walk to Faneuil Hall, which is a significant site for America’s history. After that you can walk to the Boston Common, which is about 10 minutes to walk from Faneuil Hall. While walking, you will see the Old State House, another important historical site of the city. Get into the park and walk around following its trails, you can also sit on a bench and admire the nature around you. Once you feel you’re ready to move, walk to the Charles River Esplanade, which is about 15-20 minutes from the Boston Common. Walking along the Charles River is something very special, especially now, that the spring is coming, there will be a lot of flowers around, so get ready to take magnificent pictures. The following place is also pretty nice, Copley Square is one of my favorite places in Boston, because on one side there is the Boston Public Library, in which I recommend to go inside and look around, and on the other side of the square you can admire Trinity Church. The part that I like more is the contrast between the old church and the glass skyscraper on the other side of St James Ave. Close to Copley Square there is Newbury Street, which is the shopping street. Here you can find a lot of famous stores. I have to say that I’m not a really big fan of art, but the Museum of Fine Arts is absolutely a place to visit, in the museum you can find a lot of different types and … Read more

SSC Christina’s Boston Recommendations

Hi everyone, I am EC Boston’s Student Services Coordinator. I moved to Boston five years ago when I started my B.A at Northeastern University. I love exploring the city and there is always new things to see and do. Here are my top three favorite places in the city:   The Boston Public Library. As a literature lover and an English graduate, I’ve spent many hours at the BPL. I love that the building has so much to offer: there are many quiet places to study and, in the summer you can sit in the courtyard. If want a bite to eat there are two different cafes, afternoon tea, and a newly added lounge named the “Map Room Tea Room” where you can drink literature inspired cocktails. My favorite area of the BPL is still the older section with a huge hall with traditional green reading lights. This is a perfect place to study in the off-seasons, and also an ideal Instagram spot! My favorite museum in Boston is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This is a private-owned art gallery in a beautiful building which has a garden inside! If you like art, architecture, and nature, this is a must for you. If you have a student ID, tickets are only $10. A fun fact about the museum is that if your name is Isabella, you get free lifetime admission! As summer is coming soon, I love being outside during this time. My favorite activity is renting a kayak at the Charles River and kayaking around the Boston skyline. This is a fun activity to do with your friends or family.   We plan many fun activities for our students each month. Please visit our website https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-in-boston and our social media pages for more information!

Student Activity Calendar: April 2019

We are excited to announce our April activities! Please check out the activities for this month and sign up on EC online or at the front desk with Christina or Stephen. Some of our fun activities this month include: Fenway stadium tour, international film festival, Harvard tour, Prudential skywalk, Museum of Fine Arts, a Red Sox game, and seeing a movie at AMC. Activities are a great way to make new friends and explore the city of Boston! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information and details! Stop by reception anytime at the EC Boston School of English to find out more about the latest activities planned.

What to do in Boston Part Two: D.O.S. Edition!

What is a DOS? It is an acronym for Director of Studies. The Director of Studies is in charge of academics and making sure our students are taking the best English courses possible! Our DOS here in Boston is Doug Willcox! Growing up in Hamilton, Massachusetts, Doug prides himself on being from the Boston area and loves talking about life in the city and our beloved sports teams! We decided to ask Doug how students can enjoy themselves in their free time! Hey Doug, what are your favorite things to do in Boston? There is no better way in Boston to enjoy a good run than to jog along the Charles. The numerous bridges that criss-cross the river make for an ideal way to keep track of distances while enjoying the views of life in Boston. For extra credit, check out the Smoots on the Harvard Bridge, then read about their origins! Close by. you can spend a couple of hours at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Located a short walk from Porter Square in Cambridge, it’s a great way to expand your horizons. What about something sports related, we all know you’re a sports guy Attend a college hockey game at Boston University! The (relatively) new arena is as nice as any professional arena in the country. College hockey is competitive in this area, so the fan is sure to see some good talent on the ice. Go Terriers! Also, there’s The Beanpot. Four schools – Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, and Harvard University – compete for bragging rights in this round-robin event. Northeastern University has won in 2018 and 2019, but I’m sure BU will come back next year! Thanks so much, Doug! Do you want Doug as your DOS? Check out our English courses here at EC … Read more

Clipper Ship in Boston

EC Boston’s Winter Photography Competition

In the month of January, EC Boston arranged its first photography competition! The rule was simply for students to take pictures around the city and send us their best one. We received an overwhelming number of pictures from students who shared pictures of their favorite locations and activities. At the end of the month, the winners were announced at the weekly graduation. Winners received prizes including certificates, gift cards, and chocolate from a local shop. The winners’ photographs will also be displayed in the school. Thank you to everyone who competed in this event! All of the pictures were wonderful and it is great to see how all students are exploring the city and sharing their experiences. We look forward to more photography competitions in the future! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all the final pictures!

Our student at Patriots Game

Why you should watch the Superbowl on Sunday!

What’s so good about football anyways? Everyone here in Boston is excited about what’s happening on Sunday! The New England Patriots, Boston’s professional American football team, are facing off against the Los Angeles Rams in the Superbowl! However, for many people football is a very confusing sport. As a result some students struggle to understand why Boston is so obsessed with American football. Thankfully, we have Brazil’s biggest football fan, Francisco Goldenberg Zarif, enrolled in our school! In this blog, he will explain the rules and why football is so great! Introducing Francisco!   Hello EC Boston students and those reading the blog! My name is Francisco, I’m 22 and come all the way from Brazil! I’ve been asked to talk a little about my favorite sport in this blog. As far as I`m concerned, every time someone thinks about my country and sports, soccer immediately comes to mind. Today though, I’ll be talking about something a little bit different: American football! Wait, you like football but you’re from Brazil? How does that happen?   I first got in touch with the sport about 12 years ago, when my father, a fan of the sport since he was young, tried to convince me that the game was much more than big guys hitting themselves for no reason. It took no more than a game for him to show me he was right. Of course football has contact and big hits sometimes, but It goes so much deeper than that. It is basically a battle for territory, in which strategy and discipline are your biggest strengths, incredibly more important than brute force! In a nutshell, both teams have their offensive and defensive units. The offense tries to take the ball to the end of the defense territory, following a certain group … Read more

Meet Takashi from Japan: EC Boston’s New intern!

  Meet Takashi, our new intern from Japan! He joined our team last week and will be staying with us until March. You can find him at the front desk or helping out with an activity around the school. Please don’t hesitate to ask Takashi questions or just introduce yourself. Here is what Takashi would like to share with you all about himself and his experience at EC Boston so far:   “My name is Takashi Nogami. Please call me Takashi. I’m from Japan. In Japan, I’m a university student, and I major in finance. What kind of finance? I study coping with the sources of funding and the capital structures of companies and corporations. I love music. I play some instruments and my hobby is composing music. If you want to play music in the school, please tell me. We can visit music studios in Boston together. As an intern here at EC Boston, I will be helping out in the administration office. I will be in Boston until March, 2017 So far, I think this school has not only many insightful and intellectual classes, but also many enjoyable activities. If you choose this school, you will be satisfied with your experience. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll try to solve problems to the best of my ability.”   Learn more about English classes in Boston.