Journey into a Black Hole!

The EC Boston TOEFL class jumped into black holes by reading about astronomy, watching and discussing a short documentary, and writing about an experience inside one of the most mind boggling theories in the universe. Have fun reading their accounts, and visit the Planetarium to learn more about spa … Read more

Up at 2 am: Student study culture and ESL schools

Have you ever pulled an ‘all nighter’ (a night where you stay up till the morning doing homework, and then go right back to class)? Many students in American universities are known to use this technique to accomplish large amounts of (varying quality) work in a short time frame. This practice has be … Read more

Got water?

Melody’s Global Citizenship class was given an assignment to discuss the differences between bottled and tap water. They didn’t just talk about the project among EC students; they went out on the street and gave people a taste test! If you’d like to see a video of the project, just check out EC Bost … Read more

Class Field Trip!

Haidy took her class out on a field trip to explore historical sites around Boston! As an English school in Boston, our students have great access to many major historical attractions such as Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Old State House and Park Street Church. Students worked in pairs or groups of t … Read more

Breaking Barriers: A Cultural Guide to EC Boston by the Culture and Communication Elective Class

   EC Boston students interviewed each other about common misconceptions from their countries. They share their opinions and stories from their own cultures and explore those of others.   Abdullah interviewed Alberto and Satoko: Q: I heard a lot of corruption in Italy, is it true? A. There are … Read more

Digital Storytelling Showtime at EC Boston

A special thanks to Mayara, Valerie, Min Jung, and Natalia who shared their digital storytelling videos with us on Friday. These were the first students to complete the Digital Storytelling Elective class. Thank you to all who shared videos and all the students, teachers, and staff who came to watch … Read more

EC Boston’s New Elective – Boston History & Culture!!

The Freedom Trail, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Old North Church, the Constitution, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams- these are only a few things that come to mind when thinking of Boston History.  The Boston Red Sox, Boston Chowdah, the wicked awesome Boston ac … Read more

EC Boston Students Practice their Article-Writing Skills!

EC Boston’s Intermediate Write Now Elective class with Teacher Yen practiced their writing skills yesterday by writing news articles.  Take a look at a couple examples! My Experience at EC By Amro, from Saudi Arabia “The first day I came here to Boston, I felt like I was lost.  I didn&#8 … Read more

An EC Boston Student Shares his Experience

When students decide that they want to study English in the United States, they have many options to consider.  There are so many study abroad courses in the United States, and especially in Boston.  We’re honored to welcome many great students here at EC Boston and are proud that these studen … Read more