Conversation Partners at EC Boston!

Conversation Partners is a unique EC Boston program that is designed to heighten cultural experiences and exchanges of students and community members alike. Students who want to maximize their English experience will apply for this program and be selectively paired with a native Boston resident. A successful match allows students to expand their grasp of the English language beyond the classroom and to become fully immersed in their new surroundings and to have an authentic Boston experience. This program is available to long-term students (3 months or more) and runs in three sessions throughout the year: Spring session (January to April), summer session (May to July), and winter session (September to November). During these sessions, partners meet once a week at a location of their choice and try new activities, restaurants and shops in the city while conversing in 50% in English and 50% in the student’s native language. There is a kickoff event at the beginning of each session during which all of the students and all of the volunteers come together at the school to meet for the first time. There, they are taken through a presentation highlighting the specifics of the program and given different ice breakers to get to know their partner. At the end of the event, the student and volunteer exchange contact information and decide on a time and place to meet next. Many of EC Boston’s students have made life-long friends in Boston via the Conversation Partners Program, as well as improved their conversation skills and learned more about the city of Boston. If you would like to apply for a Conversation Partner, please see the Front Desk. (We are currently taking applications for the Summer Session beginning on September 7th. The deadline to apply is August 17th.) Learn more about Boston English.

Conversation Partners Program improves English Speaking Skills

When and where did you find out about the Conversation Partners Program at EC Boston? I knew this program by a bulletin board of my school. What was your motivation in joining the program? I wanted to talk with native american because I’m not good at listening to fast English. Besides I thought it will be great if I can get native american friend. What have you done with your partner? We had dinner together sometimes and watched movie so far. It was very great because she explained us american culture and introduced her friends. It helps me that we can understand each other by both languages. Do you think the program is helpful? I think it was great that I was able to get a native american friend and what is better, she can speak Japanese. Would you like to say anything to future students or participants in the program? I enjoy my school life with my friends and my great teachers. The location of EC Boston is very good and convenient. Our long-term students in the Intensive English program in Boston enjoy participating in this program. We have three start dates – one in the fall, winter, and summer semesters. Only long-term students are eligible to apply. We pair one or two students with a local Bostonian in hopes that both participants will practice English and the student’s native language. It’s a great way to meet people, practice English, enjoy the city – and it’s completely FREE!

Who are those new people at the front desk?

Hello EC Boston students! If you were wondering about the new mysterious people at the desk, allow me to uncover the mystery! I’m Angela and I’m a junior at Northeastern University studying biochemistry. I’m interning at EC Boston for the summer as the student services intern! I’m going to be running the student ambassador program and creating your activity calendar! I’m taking suggestions for any activities that you would like to do over the summer. Remember to check the activity binder for new, fun activities. I would love for students to join the ambassador program, also! The program is a great way for you to show your EC Boston spirit! You can share your student experiences with new students, show them around the school, and learn about why they chose to study ESL abroad at EC Boston. Best of all, you get free breakfast! Feel free to come find me at the front desk to chat, to give me an idea for an activity, or to learn more about the student ambassador program! The other mysterious face at the front desk is Daniel! He is the Conversation Partners coordinator intern for the summer! He is a senior at Emmanuel College studying International Relations. He is running the Conversation Partners program and would love if students joined! As an EC student, you are matched with an American student and meet with them once a week for an hour. This is a GREAT way to practice your English and make a new American friend! Feel free to come to the front desk to talk to Daniel about joining this program or to get to know him. Talk to you soon, friends!

EC Boston Conversation Partners Program

EC Boston has a great program that helps connect international students connect with native English speakers to practice their English and share their interests. CPP is a 10 week program in which students meet with their partners for at least an hour a week. This program gives students an opportunity to meet new people and try new things in Boston. As an English language school in Boston, EC Boston is able to get a diverse group of English speaking volunteers to work with EC students. The next cycle starts on April 22 so interested students should stop by the front desk to sign up! Kendy, from Taiwan, shares her special experience with this exciting program: “My partner, Chardai, is an outgoing and friendly girl, who is a student of Northeastern University. Our first meeting was in Starbucks, we introduced ourselves and chatted. She was so kind, that she said she would like to help me to improve my weaknesses in English, and she did help me in the next appointment. As you know, time always ticks away fast when we’re having fun. We had a really great time getting to know each other. After the first meeting, I was looking forward to the second appointment. Both of us love Japanese food, so we decided to meet at the Japanese restaurant, which is near Northeastern, called Symphony Sushi. Before the dishes came, I taught her how to use chopsticks. She is a talented girl, and she correctly used chopsticks to eat sushi successfully! After our meal, she took out her nook and we choose a vampire fiction to read together. I read aloud the story, and she corrected my pronunciation or explained me the story that I couldn’t understand. We also had a great time on that day. I’m really happy to join this conversation partners program. … Read more

EC Boston to Host Free Citizenship Classes!

EC Boston is embarking on an exciting new initiative! On the evening of March 12, we are launching a new course – a U.S. Citizenship Class.  This course caters specifically to Boston immigrants who are slated to become American citizens but struggle with the English language; it will help them prepare for the Naturalization test, one of many tasks they must complete before being sworn in as American citizens. We are very excited for this opportunity to give back to the community in which we live and work. In preparation for the first day of classes, we interviewed teachers Ken and Yen: Q: “Why are you interested in teaching this class?” Ken: “I’m passionate about giving back to the community and being a part of EC and what we do here. These citizenship classes are important to the people of Boston as oftentimes immigrants, many who have already gone through great difficulties in their home countries, do not have enough knowledge of the English language to confidently apply for and/or successfully go through the naturalization process.” Yen: “I was born in Taiwan but came to the US when I was four years old. I have fought for American citizenship all my life before finally becoming a citizen in 2004 so this is an issue very close to my heart.” Q: “What will you contribute to the course? What will the course teach you?” Ken: “My strength is my passion: I helped two women from Sudan, through a class I taught in 2012 and felt so incredibly proud when they passed the test. Many naturalized Sudanese men who came here years ago are now established citizens of the United States and able to return to Sudan to fetch their wives and girlfriends once left behind, as was the case with the … Read more

EC Boston Conversation Partners Program Review

EC Boston English Language School offers an exciting and valuable program to international students studying English with us in Boston.  It’s called the Conversation Partners Program.  Through this program, students who are at an Intermediate level and above can be matched with a Native-English speaking American volunteer.  Over the course of a 10-week program, the student and volunteer set up weekly meetings at cafes, restaurants, and other public areas in and around Boston in order to practice English conversation!  It’s a great way for students to meet “real Americans” and take their English practice outside of the classroom. This blog post was written by EC Boston student Dong Jin Lim, from Korea: “At the end of January, Laura and I met through EC Boston’s Conversation Partners Program.  I realized that EC had worked hard to find each other’s partners because Laura and I have the same interests and hobbies.  I really like reading comics and Laura also enjoys cartoons.  Whenever we meet, we usually drink a cup of coffee and chat for an hour.  We don’t know each other very much, so we talk about ourselves.  It is fun.  Actually, I had just known about Americans’ daily lives by watching American dramas before I met Laura.  Even though there are many friendly teachers in EC, I hardly met teachers in real life, outside of classes.  However, Laura is different from teachers.  She has a job that doesn’t relate with ESL students.  Therefore, I’m getting know a real American. Our last meeting’s topic was the Super Bowl.  As she is an American, she watched the game and explained her Super Bowl party’s atmosphere and how it was.  Afterwards, we conversed about sports.  The difference between sports in America and Korea is university games.  In Korea, when any sport’s university league starts, just a few people watch the … Read more

Native English Speaking Volunteers Needed for EC Boston’s Conversation Partners Program

Hanging out in Boston for the summer? EC Boston is in need of  native-english speaking volunteers to be matched up with our students as a conversation partner starting in May until August. What is EC Boston?  EC Boston is an English language school located in the Copley Square area.  We work with adult students from all over the world who come to Boston to learn English.  You can find more information about our school and programs at Boston’s Conversation Partners Program needs native English-speaking volunteers who are interested in international culture and are available 1 hour each week. The Conversation Partners Program pairs each volunteer with an international adult student who is studying English here in Boston. After their initial orientation, partners choose a day and time each week when they can meet to converse and either practice just English or practice both languages! Requirements: Native English speaker 18+ years old Available once a week for 1 hour Commitment of 2-3 months Approved volunteer application EC Boston Conversation Partners Program Information & Guidelines Step 1 – Your Application After receiving your application, EC Boston staff will attempt to match you with an English language learner who has also applied to the program.  You will be matched based on your availability, interests, gender, and possibly your age.  If EC Boston cannot find a good match for you at this time, you will be contacted regarding future opportunities.  Due to the preferences and comfort level of our students, the program matches female participants together and male participants together.  You will not be matched with someone of the opposite sex. Step 2 – Meet Your Partner If EC Boston is able to find a good match for you, you will be contacted and either invited to one of EC Boston’s Conversation Mixers … Read more

EC Boston holds it’s first orientation today for Conversation Partner Program!

EC Boston held its first orientation today for students and their partners that are taking part in our Conversation Partner Program running this summer from late May until August. The students and their partners were introduced during a brief meeting this afternoon by Program Coordinator, Stella, before given the chance to talk with each other and exchange contact and meeting information. For partners that were unable to meet today, Stella is planning another orientation to be held soon at a later date. The Conversation Partner Program is very popular with our students and we are always looking for new native-english speaking volunteers that are interested in joining the program. The program runs every Fall, Spring, and Summer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email us at, putting “Conversation Partner Program” in the subject. We will then contact you with more information about the program and send an application. Looking forward to a great summer start to the program!

Want a partner to help practice your English? Join EC Boston’s Conversation Partners Program!

One of the best ways you can practice your spoken english is by taking time to speak with native speakers. Boston is a great place to learn english because the city has a very high population of students year-round. When you take part in the program, you will be matched up with a native speaker who wants to take part in the exchange as well. Students and their partners meet for an hour once a week whenever and wherever works best for both of them. Taking part in this amazing program will allow non-native english speakers a way to pick up on phrases and pronounciations that are used day – to – day that might not be easy to pick up on while in class. Its also a great way to experience the Boston / American culture and learn more about what life is like for other students. If you are interested, come talk to either Kirsten or Stella!