Friday is the deadline to submit nominations for ECelebrity and articles for EC Global Voice!

Deadline is coming up soon for to submit both articles for the next edition of EC Global Voice as well as nominations for next month’ss ECelebrity! The deadline is this Friday, June 18th. The next edition of the newsletter will be available on Friday, June 24th. Submit any articles to either t … Read more

EC Global Voice is now accepting applications for the July’s ECelebrity of the Month!

The staff members of EC Global Voice are now looking for nominations to be July’s ECelebrity of the month! Both teachers, staff, and students can nominate a fellow student to be concidered for this honor. The July ECelebrity will take part in the following: * Pick the winning ticket at the mon … Read more

Want to be a part of EC Global Voice or EC Boston’s Blog?

EC Boston is currently looking for new articles for the June edition of EC Global Voice as well as students talking about their time here in Boston. Going to a neat concert? Have a funny story about living in Boston? Excited about going to a Red Sox game? We want to hear it! Email boston@ecenglish.c … Read more